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PSA - Item tag work

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 2 Sep 2020, 1:15 pm



Just want to let you all know that one of the things we’ll be working on is revamping some of the item tags. These are the tags that are searchable via the item museum, inventory, and stalls.

You may have noticed a new Event Currency and Event - OD tag. Eventually there will be tags for every event and their special items.

The Structure (House) tag was hidden as it was redundant with the Structure tag.

There may be additional tags created if we deem them useful.

Some other tags will be audited to account for missing items and/or miss-tagged items. Some of this will be done by code, but much by hand.

We may rework or redefine some tags. For example the Special tag will need to be reassessed. The reasons are plenty but the primary reason is we want players to know exactly what each tag means and be able to count on the correct items popping up.

You’ll see that if you hover over a tag you’ll see a description of what it’s CURRENT intended definition is. Note that this may change and that items marked with a particular tag may change.

This will be an ongoing project so please pardon our dust!

PS: a couple other minor updates to note. Buffed items now show a Buffed tag to show what kind of buffs they give. Finally certain pop-ups such as the Explorer window have been reformatted to show items borderless and centered.

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    • Could always make some items with the special tag changed over to consumable tag since a few items under the special tag are items you consume for a specific effect.

    • I'd love to be able to tag items 'Favorite' to move them first in the default list (like Chester's Hat that needs to be used every now and then) - I used to use the 'special' tag for this and was kind of annoying to see it go.

    • This is one of the things that I've struggled with the most since joining the site, and the main reason my inventory has always been so clogged for fear of discarding/severly underselling something valuable accidentally. I know this hasn't been a priority in the past so I never complained because I love all the hard work you all do. Just knowing this is being implemented into the site now makes me so excited! This will be extremely useful, especially the more it gets added onto. I can't say this enough: thank you all for all you do <3 You are all amazing.

    • Will there be a tag for event items in general? There are often times items where I don't quite remember which event they came from and would prefer not to have to look at each separate town tag.

    • I'm actually really happy about this. I'm someone who focuses heavily on the items in this game, their value, and where they came from to try to profit off them. Knowing what event they were from would help a lot in knowing what I'm investing in. Thanks for the update all.

    • Nice to see y'all are so dedicated to improving the site. :D Best of luck in the coding going smoothly and thanks.

    • I noticed the items from the Explorer window and the test font is also smaller

    • Great job