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Downtime complete! Read carefully!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 16 Sep 2020, 2:35 pm


Heya Furriends!

Downtime is done. I’ll try to be concise yet thorough, as there’s quite a few things to inform you all of.

Given the quantity of code involved, the potential for unforeseen problems is high. So if you notice any new bugs or anything does not seem to be working as intended please let me know in the bug report forum. Any discovered exploits should only be reported via the “contact us” link.


lotto.png lotterynpcsmall.png lotto.png

We’ve hired a new bovine friend to help us run The Lottery, which has been revamped to increase the incentive to participate.

First we should review how the Lottery works: A lottery ticket costs 150 furcash.gif. The jackpot starts at 10,000 furcash.gif, with the pot increasing with every ticket purchase. At the daily rollover, a winning ticket is determined and the winner wins the pot.

So what’s new?

In addition to the jackpot, the day’s winner will now be awarded a special user trophy. As an extra bonus, they will win an item prize that is randomly selected from a pool of possible prizes. What’s in this pool is secret and may change with time.

You will notice the Lottery page has been revamped, and there is a link to a new page called My Winnings. Here is where you can redeem your rewards when you win! You will then have the option to redeem the rewards individually.

Note that previously the winner was automatically rewarded the jackpot. Instead, the winner will now receive a notification that they have won a lottery with a link to the prize page.

Have you won previous lotteries? We think you are still entitled to the trophy!
a trophy!

If you go to the aforementioned My Winnings page, you will able to see any of your previous wins and redeem the trophy. The jackpot will show as having already been claimed, of course.


You’ll see some changes to the Daily Streak page.

Content-wise, there are a few additions. Firstly, the reward for a 7 day streak has been upped from a pitiful 100 furcash.gif to 1,000 furcash.gif.

We’ve also added a new prize:
Turtle Shell Fragments

Once a day you will be able to receive 1 Turtle Shell Fragment. At the 14 day streak you get a bonus 5, and on your 60 day streak you get a bonus 20.

So what are these for? They will be the primary ingredient for a very special set of Turtle Equipment.


The recipes for these equips can be obtained from the Cottage Shop.

The Turtle Shell Fragments are non-transferable, and we calculate it will take almost a year to collect enough to craft the whole set.

Are you in a hurry and want to get these rare equipment quickly? Well, just remember that legendary tale we all learned as kits. Slow and steady wins the race!


You’ll notice some changes to the Town Hall. Information for your village, including population, tourney championships, food drive championships, your mayor, and even the current weather are now visible.

There’s a link to a new The Known World page, where you can see a map of the continent as we know it, as well as information about each village, including their shopkeepers and a breakdown of their unique items. There’s a link to move villages if any of them inspire you to relocate!

There's also a new Site Directory with button links to all site pages, organized in the same way as in the upper toolbar. We hope this improves accessibility while cleaning up the Town Hall page. For quicker access, a graphical link on the very right of the toolbar has been created.

Now back to the Town Hall page. In addition to a link to the Site Directory, there are new graphical links under “Contests” and “Daily Activities”. These include links to Fur Idol, the Feast, the Tourney, and the Daily Streak. Links to any ongoing Forum Contests as well as the Lottery can also be found here.

You’ll also notice spaces for some planned new features, still under construction.


As mentioned in previous news, we've been working on the item tags.

NOTE: these tags should all be searchable in the Item Museum, inventory, and stalls. They will also show as tags when looking at an item's profile, however, some new tags may not immediately appear due to cache.


The Reagent tag has been audited. It should now accurately tag every item that is used in a recipe.

An FDE Item tag has been applied to items that are or have been obtainable in the FDE Emporium. This includes all past FDE pets, as well as items you can get within an open-able (excluding the kitsune and warrior mystery bags). Note such items may or may not be exclusive to the FDE.

Tags for all festival events have been added.

Potions - Morphing have been made separate from Potions - Misc.

A Currency - Shop tag has been created to designate items like village coins and Cottage Shoppe leaves.

Tags for Supply - Battle and Supply - Breeding have been created. This includes unique items to assist in breeding and battle, such as HP potions, equipment upgraders, and hallowed potions. Upgraders have been merged into the Supply - Battle category.

The Special tag has also been renamed Supply - Special and re-worked to mark items that have a special use and are not accounted for by other tags (excluding the event tags). For example, festival currencies, pumpkin treats, and item upgrade tickets have been removed as they now have new tags.


Hovering over a buffed item’s icon should now show tags for the buffs they give within the tooltip. This includes many page locations (see below). And speaking of buffs, several items have had some buffs added to them, including the doctor buff, which simply increases crafting speed.

Also, crystals and warrior equipment should now also show their stats as tooltip tags when hovering over them in the inventory.

Previously, nearly all instances where unique warrior equipment could show a tooltip showed their stats as if they were of 100% potency, rather than their actual stats based on their real potency. This should now show accurately.

In addition to the item museum, locations where these tooltip tags in question appear include: inventory, storage, quick stock, gallery, giving tree, transfers, trades, user stalls, as well their associated logs, management, and selection pages.

If any other locations are still only showing the starting stats for specific equipment, please let me know.


Links to the Tourney Shop and Quest Shop have been added to the Town Hall, with the other global shops. Item categories have also been added for these as well as the Recycling Shop, Cozy Cookery, Cottage Shop and each village's particular Weapon Shop and Craftables Shop. Note that for these shops, the "Other" category shows all items not accounted for in another category.

All shops now have an "All" category, which will be the default. Items here and other tabs will generally be listed in order of increasing price. However, there is also an "All - By Date" category which will show items in order they were added.

For shops with unique currency, there is a blurb explaining how the currency is obtained.

Finally, all shop and other NPCs have had their images re-sized to be consistent throughout. In most cases, they will be 33% bigger and sharper. You may need to refresh (CTRL+F5) to load the new images.


There is now a link to "Manage Gallery" from your Gallery page.

When using them on animals from stables, inventory, or held pets, Breeding Potions, Hallowed Potions, Pumpking Treats, and ReVita-Bites Biscuits will check and show how many of those items you have before confirmation.

Phew! That should do it!


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    • I love all of these new updates! I've been inactive so I'm super late to the party, but you guys should still know how much of a great job ya'll did!

    • The updates are great! However what stinks, is I can only get online once a day, and so ofcourse the downtime, totally messed up my log in streak. Very very unhappy about that. Not the 1st time its happened and not sure I want to bother starting over again.

    • Wow!! Heaps of stuff. Good work staff, big kudos to all involved - whether coding, brainstorming, or moral support.

    • Wow, a lot of changes.
      I'm not sure how I feel about these yet.

    • aa i was actually thinking about doing a mascot for the lottery for fun, a maneki-neko called lotte haha, guess i was too slow
      i love the new town hall and the world map! i could look at that map art for ages its so pretty

    • The dailies revamp I've wanted for so long ;^;

    • Oh my goodness, you guys have been busy! It's fantastic to see the site actually moving forwards now that it is in y'all hands, I really appreciate the quality of life updates- The addition of shell fragments to the daily rewards is fantastic! Considering I don't upload painties, but I do collect weapons and armor, it gives me better incentive to get on!

    • Look at the lottery jackpot goooooo xD