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Snow Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2016, 5:30 pm


Some of the village mayors have updated their villages today! Polaria is busy with the Snow Festival so Tigereye Peak hasn't added anything new. Why don't you ask your friends in other villages what kinds of updates their villages have gotten? The mayors are enjoying the Snow Festival, so hopefully the rest of you are too!

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    • This is so cute! ♥

    • Minstrel needs to run. 0w0

    • I'm concerned for Minstrel someone help xir omg.....

    • Octavia floats around on cute magic.

    • ana is so cute !! destroy her doge mom

    • In foxbury we got gift codes for added pot durability, a new shield blueprint to find, and a jousting event coming in may.

    • ANA IS SO CUTE im going to cry

    • Chester lookin' like he 'bout to have a snack.

    • Chester stop looking at Minstrel like that lol

      this is so cute :3

    • Cuuutte Art! Team Quetzal palace!