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Snow Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2016, 5:30 pm


Some of the village mayors have updated their villages today! Polaria is busy with the Snow Festival so Tigereye Peak hasn't added anything new. Why don't you ask your friends in other villages what kinds of updates their villages have gotten? The mayors are enjoying the Snow Festival, so hopefully the rest of you are too!

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    • I love this aha

    • Chester is all like "Hey kid wanna see a dead body?"

    • aahhh i love the artwork

    • Oh my goodness. This picture. Made my day. Thank you so much<3 happy holidays to all the villages!
      (Poor Minstrel, someone help them XD)

    • That illustration is super cute. Who is the artist?

    • Anna looks so mischievous! Love it :D

    • Love the drawing.

    • I love the update in Oceandome!

    • that art is adorable! i want to pet that mini bunny :3

    • This is an adorable update and drawing and I love t sm