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Snow Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2016, 5:30 pm


Some of the village mayors have updated their villages today! Polaria is busy with the Snow Festival so Tigereye Peak hasn't added anything new. Why don't you ask your friends in other villages what kinds of updates their villages have gotten? The mayors are enjoying the Snow Festival, so hopefully the rest of you are too!

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    • I find it really stressful we got all these updates during an event tbh but w/e

    • Quetzal Palace is looking forward to hoarding pets to sacrifice to a dragon.

    • ooh I wanna see o w o

    • Oh my god this drawing couldn't be more cute! Happy holidays~~ ♥

    • Awww, look at that tiny bun! ;o;/

    • RIP no TEP updates '^'