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Dress Up Time!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 19 Nov 2020, 3:31 pm


Looks like a very tasty new friend has come to town, everybody say hello to the Feast Gecko and be sure to make this new Villager feel welcome!


Feast Gecko is now available through the use of the Feast Costume on your lovely Gecko villagers!

Have a deliciously wonderful day!

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    • Uendo

      Okay, I was never able to get though kind of things to work.
      Thanks anyway.

    • AnpuRa
      The costume art is unrelated to painties, but it does change the villager's art when applied

    • Uendo

      So, a paintie thing for the gecko?

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • aaAAA - I want to reach through the screen and hug them-

    • AnpuRa
      There are costume items you can give to your villagers, the new gecko art is art for when you put a Feast Costume on a gecko villager

    • super cute!

    • Uendo
      I'm afraid I still don't understand.

    • He's too cute omfg

    • Daawwwww