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Snow Festival Not Starting!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2020, 12:58 am


It seems a mischievous fox has been playing around in the code and the Snow Festival was prematurely started!


-Fairy Items have not been changed, while you can currently find Snow Fairies while exploring, they will still give 2019 items. We advise that you do not open any fairies until the real start of the Festival.

-We will be having downtime to test the Festival on Tuesday the 22nd and the Festival will be starting with new items and Battleground on Wednesday the 23rd.

-Please be patient with us while we work on getting things resolved (festival turned off) and know we are looking forward to having a fun Snow Festival with all of you when it’s time.

Big thanks for being understanding of our technical difficulties!

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    • Interesting. Interesting. But one question, how'd they start it?

    • Not sure if to open fairies to get some old items I may have missed or if I missed any at all—the apprehension is real ;w;

    • Those cheeky foxes. :}

    • Awe I missed it XD
      Excited for the snow festival as I have never been active on furvilla for the festival. Also the new snow based animals are really cute the chibi pinecone chicken is my favorite

    • =O one of my favorite festivals of the year!!! I'm so looking forward to it, I'd resigned m'self to seeing it in January. Happy to know it's sooooon- ish =)

    • yee snow festival ~

    • That royal fox kind sus

    • A lovely wolf woke me to tell me to turn off the Snow Festival because some silly squirrel may have forgot to tell it not to turn on. Not sure, I may be dreaming right now. But if its for real, it should simply have caused fairies from last year to drop a little big, which haven't been updated yet. Nothing horrible will happen if you open em early, you just may just get old things.

      Guess I might as well spill the beans that the Festival is starting soon, like Mat says. Probably do a downtime Tuesday. I'll post a news about it tomorrwo. oospies.

    • I'm confused. Is this some sort of back-handed way to say that we SHOULD use the fairies?

    • :0 Oh no! I already used some of my fairies before the downtime.