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FGNN: Village Update Roundup

Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Dec 2016, 5:09 pm


*static crackle*

It's the Furvilla Global News Network (FGNN), coming straight to your town from its headquarters in Tigereye Peak! This is Anchorman Frostbite bringing you all the finest news from around the Furvilla globe. Today our reporters are live in multiple villages. Town Hall has been busy in Dragonsmaw Manor, Tigereye Peak, and Quetzal Palace today!


Dragonsmaw Manor saw the migration of five dog species and have reported that multiple dog species are still in the process of immigration. If you have a DMM friend, why not ask them to brew you a Canine Morphing Potion so you can be a dog also? Who doesn't want to be a dog, right?



Dragonsmaw Manor's mayor Dr. Chester has also reported that the plush collector Rasui seems to be giving out some new toys now. How's that for being on the ball? *barks*


Quetzal Palace has reported a new species of minipet has come to live in their clouds - the Flishy. Great for betta fans!


Our very own home of Tigereye Peak has a brand new species on the block too, the Pika!

That's all for this newscast, and always remember, stay fluffy, Furvilla!

*static crackle*

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    • ahhh there's a corgi!

    • Cute!!

    • So adorable! Love the Pikas and Client! and omg the new canines!!!

    • And I'm in Olde Foxbury.... :(

    • DUUUUDE these pups are SO CUTE!!!


      I'm crying IRL I can't oh my god yes

      im so happy oh my go d

    • Where's the Olde Foxbury stuff? I hope there'll be something in the next, even something small. But I am glad for the Flishies. *makes all AH villagers go collecting*