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Paintie Packs & Birthday Celebration!

Posted by Staff on 3 Jan 2017, 12:14 am


Hey there everyone, hope you're all having a great start to the new year! And with that being said, we have a couple new updates to bring you.

Paintie Packs

If you haven't noticed yet, we have new items stocking in the FurDollar Emporium, Paintie Tickets are now permanent stock and they have been joined by a few friends, you can save a bit of money per ticket by buying in bulk or they also make great gifts for friends!


Paintie Ticket: 250 FD
Paintie 3 Pack: 675 FD
Paintie 5 Pack: 1000 FD
Paintie 10 Pack: 1750 FD

Happy Birthdays

I am also happy to announce that we here at Furvilla are excited to have the chance to make your special day a little bit brighter! On your birthday you will receive an alert on your account to let you know that it's time to claim your gift, a little token to say thank you for letting us celebrate with you (we also accept thank yous in the form of cake). When you go to claim your gift you will get a Paintie Ticket and Non Magical Gembound Plush to match your birthstone, we hope you all enjoy this new little feature!

If you have a JANUARY birthday that already passed BEFORE this News was posted please PM Admin-Mateusz to receive your gifts.

Thanks for letting me ramble at all of you once again ♥

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    • OOOOH. More bang for my dollarydoo.

    • Awesome! Though my birthday just passed two months ago darn, but nice update!

    • Yesss, no more Mythical Scroll looking Paintie Tickets! XD

    • birthday prizes are a fantastic idea! and bulk ticket buying is awesome, this is an awesome update :3

    • noice!! Loving the new art for the paintie tickets mmm

    • Lol my birthday's not until September. Hopefully they won't take away the birthday gift before then.

    • ahhhhh this is so sweet!

    • Ahh! The birthday celebration is such a cute and creative idea! ;u;
      But my birthday was in October RIP

    • to match our birthstones? That's hecking adorable. I'll be looking forward to that emerald gembound !!

    • Woaaaah!! Awesome!! Thank you for giving us this option, yes!!