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Contests and NPC Fun

Posted by Staff on 11 Feb 2017, 9:46 pm


Hi everyone, been awhile since I’ve gotten to pop in and say hello but I am happy to be here again and bringing you some fun news!

January Contest Winners

First off I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in the January contests, there were a lot of amazing entries! Below you will find a link to see the winning entries from the Writing Contest, Art Contest, and House Decorating contest, be sure to check them out and offer the winning users a big congratulations!

Winning Contest Entries

Writing Contest Winners

First Place: Bandycam #59954
Emeraldheart #76349
Angeleina #29111
IkeWolfe #77815
Frogluv123 #40461

Art Contest Winners

First Place: tailgatescutebooty #3120
Leaf #67654
MyraMidnight #72946
ToonLink #11034
Rotsuoy #75808

House Decoration Contest Winners

Admiral #20455
Jambomaya #11339
Quincia #68123
Vekyll #76396
MariahKat #18611

*If you created one of the winning entries please contact Admin-Mat through PM on site to collect your prizes*

NPC=Frostbite Paintie Design Contest

For the first time ever we are giving you all the chance to help out one of our cherished NPCs! Anchorman Frostbite is without a Paintie and we would love to see what all of you wonderful Furvilla users can come up with. Please check out the thread below and think about helping out our local feathery friend reporter!

Dress Up Frostbite!

Furvilla Mayor Interviews

As some of you may already know, we are working to integrate a new feature to the site, interactive NPCs! In an effort to make the best of this we are going to be taking some time to get these characters prepped for their true debuts.

To kick this all off, Anchorman Frostbite is preparing for a very big news assignment and he would love to get some input from our amazing user base. Individual interviews with the village Mayors will be starting soon and Frostbite wants to know what you all want to know!

Interview Help

Thank you all so much for your time, I hope I didn’t ramble on too much! Have a great day!


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    • Can we get rid of the unbreedable aspect of the Furdollar emporium pets yet? Nobody wanted that.

    • No way, I won :D

      And interactive NPCs sounds amazing~ Can't wait to see it implemented.

    • Ahhh congrats!!!! Leaf ;w;

    • Aaa! Congrats to everyone! This was a wonderful event!

    • Congrats to all the winners <3 Excellent entries~


      First off....*deep breath* calm down Frostbite, Calm down. Remember you're an anchorman. Be calm.

      Congratulations to all the winners of the January Contests! I'll be happily sharing your wonderful works on all of the social media sites that I am the anchorman of.

      Okay. Okay. Now that I've been official.

      I'm speechless! This feather duster of an anchorman is so excited and just filled with so much happiness right now! I can't even keep my composure! All of you wonderful people get to make me a new wardrobe! So much excitement I can't even contain myself!

    • Interactive NPCs? Sign me up! ^^

    • Oh man, thank you so much! :D Congrats to the other winners, too! Everyone's art is so good, I was on pins and needles waiting to see who was going to show up in the top five.

      Frostbite is such a marvelous fluffmonster aaaa.

    • Ahh!! So very happy! My best bud won the house decorating competition! He worked so hard on his house and I'm so damned proud of him!!!

    • huh...I won in the thing I least expected, but I actually WON something yay!? Now to decide on a pet-- Torn between two options aaaaaaa