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On the Catwalk

Posted by Staff on 18 Feb 2017, 7:04 pm


Hi all! It’s that time of year again where the Quetzal Palace Serpent descends to the mainland to pay all of us a visit (and collect offerings of course). But this Festival isn’t all about the Serpent, I mean what is a Festival without some festivities right?

As everyone knows, the Gala is fast approaching but this year Quetzal Palace is also hosting the first ever Serpent Festival Fashion Show! Citizens from far and wide are welcome to attend and show off their finest Serpent Festival looks. So come on and take a walk down the catwalk and strut your stuff!

Below you will find a link to the Fashion Show thread, please be sure to read all the rules thoroughly to make sure your post/s will be eligible. We’re looking forward to seeing all your beautiful, smiling, fashion forward faces out there!

Serpent Festival Fashion Show

I hope everyone enjoys the show and I’ll see you all there!

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    • Every time i begin wondering why i still play this site i see an update being announced and it gives me hope that this time it won't cause mass disappointment.

    • Don't worry guys, they just deleted the fashion show thread and discussion.

    • What site gives out beta items AFTER their beta has ended? who makes these decisions? You don't see FR spreading booleans like crazy :/ you want to have stuff be of value so you guys can make money but this is not the way to go about it my dudes

    • FD emporium pets aren't allowed, but heck beta bugs are! ;-; why tho?

      Oh and can we only add each villager once or can we add multiple painties of a villager?

    • lmao @ all this salt

    • Seems like a nice idea, but I'm kinda eh on giving out beta items. I mean, people reseted their villagers for that stuff! (I personally didn't, but it's still unfair).
      Even just limiting the beta items to just beta testers would be unfair.

    • i usually dont like to speak out negatively, but i agree that it seems very unfair to distribute extras of retired items, especially beta rewards. we reset our villagers for those, they should remain exclusive to beta testers.

    • It's pretty unfair that you're letting people choose beta items. Those items are only supposed to be for those of us who were involved with beta. Those items are already EXTREMELY devalued, it would be nice if they could at least actually retire instead of being allowed to continue flooding the game. It seems you guys are so obsessed with artificial inflation of these event items that EVERYONE should be able to get without needing to get extremely overwhelmed and instead choose to let everyone go crazy trying to get them, but you let beta items which are actually special and retired to become worth nothing?

    • Didn't participate in the beta, but you're good with art? FREE BETA STUFF. Let's continue to devalue these special items and give 'em out to everyone. Probably should start passing out some FD pets as well, and maybe even straight FD, yeah?

    • Isn't it a little unfair to give out Beta items out to people? Those were exclusive to people in the Beta only.