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The Gala has opened!

Posted by Deinmaar on 21 Feb 2017, 12:06 pm


Ana says:

With a clang, the doors to the Quetzal Palace citadel have finally opened. The Gala begins at noon, and continues for the rest of the Serpent Festival. Do make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the Gala -- the bouncers won't let you in otherwise. If you haven't a nice outfit yet, you should ask someone in your village to provide you one--perhaps an experienced tailor? A dress or suit would be preferred.

Note: Click the picture above to enter the Gala

Gala Contests:
Gala Decoration Contest
Gala Outfit Challenge

At the Gala, the Guardian Angels are offering a store where you can exchange feathers for various Gala and festival-themed rewards. Regard below what you can find:


There are numerous festival-themed furniture items you can use to decorate your home.


You can even take home some Gala furniture, to make your home look distinguished and upscale.


All of these magical plushes are available.


Finish off your collections with the rare and super rare creatures we managed to catch.


Fond of baby serpents? We have collected some eggs to offer to Gala participants as well.


This potion smells and tastes strongly of honey... and its magic properties will turn a villager into a brand new species, the Bee. The Bee is a new species available in Quetzal Palace. Its recipes stock as an uncommon item in the potions shop, and we have mixed a few to offer here for any who are interested in immediate transformation. This species is available through potion only.


Bees are an excellent addition, are they not?


Do be sure to collect your trophy when you enter the Gala. When you convert your feathers to Gala Points, you can begin your purchasing, and your applicable trophy will appear.


The Serpent's Feather is now stocking in the FurDollar Emporium for 100 FD, to put a hard cap on any possible inflation during the Gala.


Last but not least, we have welcomed a new Guardian Angel into the fold: the Gryphon can now wear the Angelic costume!

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    • is there a page where we can see what all the magical plushies will look like if we use them on a villager?

    • The bee is ADORABLE! I guess it's time to add a new villager to the family lol. The prices of the items in the shop ended up being a lot lower than I had expected, which is a huge relief.(especially since I want a lot of the items haha. )

    • ok, so I got the dress for my deer, and I went to her profile and clicked on it to check it out, and it took it off.
      do I do

    • Kysska you enter the gala by clicking on the image on the latest news update with a large room full of characters, your cursor should turn into a hand to show it is a clickable image, the outfit equips on your active villager

    • Kysska the outfit is in whatever your villages shop sells the books for outfits, choose suit or dress, you get feathers from offering pets or weapons to the serpent, click on the serpent image on the initial news update at the festival start a week ago.

    • I just entered the gala and saw all the items at sale. Now I need to accelerate my pet sacrifices to the serpent so I can get everything.

    • Nice quetzal gryphon.

    • I dont know how to find the shop or how to earn feathers. This is really confusing compared to other petsite's events.