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A Little Shift

Posted by Staff on 24 Feb 2017, 2:46 am


Hello all, it’s me again, here to yap at you all a bit about what I think will be a very welcome change!

It seems those adorable little blobs of black goo have learned a new trick...Shifties can now equip costumes! It is our hope that you all will enjoy being able to take advantage of the career buffs and a bit more freedom in your Painties (all regular rules still apply). Also please note that there are no plans for any official art of the actual Shifty base dressed in any of the costumes. But you are quite welcome to edit those amorphous little goo creatures into outfits if you can figure out some way to keep them from just puddling out of them…

I am personally looking forward to seeing even more of your lovely and wonderfully creative Painties coming through the queue in the future! Have a great time with this new update, keep all those Furvilla Tailors busy. And from what I have heard, Dr. Chester, Mayor of our very own Dragonsmaw Manor, wouldn’t be terribly upset about seeing a few more Beasts roaming about...Apparently Were-Creatures are all the rage right now!

Have a great day everyone!

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    • Ops wrong news update XD (i need more coffee)

    • BashfulBraixen
      Not that I'm currently aware of. It was more saying that now there can be Shifties with Beast costumes.

    • I totally misread the title when I saw it :'')c but!! this is great omg

    • Best news I heard from this site. That is saying a lot tbh. But either way. Thank you for allowing my goopy friends to have costumes. Now if you excuse me I require a pirate costume for Cappn to complete him.

    • is that a subtle hint we're getting more villagers that have beast art? sweetness

    • This is great. :3

    • This is great. :3

    • Great change, thanks guys :3

    • YES! Best news thank you admins/mods!