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Posted by Admin-Mat on 27 Feb 2017, 5:34 pm


We are so excited to have our Certified Badges in by Mary Mouse! Originally we planned to only offer these at conventions, but it was suggested to have them available onsite as well for Furvilla's online furry fans. In lieu of offering them for sale, we've decided to make them available as a free reward for supporting Furvilla. Players can claim a badge as a thank you for purchasing $50 in FurDollars OR logging into the game a consecutive 90 days.

Badges are limited to one per account. A valid name and shipping address is required for the badge to be shipped; the information inputted can be edited until the badge is shipped. Shipping is free to all domestic and international players. Players will receive a shipping notice when their badge ships out so they know when to keep an eye on the post for its arrival!

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    • Admin-Wisteria Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

      I'm not entirely sure about the way that'd work best for everyone, although I think that limiting them as one per account (which I believe was the original plan) and sending them off in order of longest wait would work out best. Reason I specify that is I believe they were sorted by most recently eligible opposed to who'd claimed first. What sort of end date were you thinking by the way? Either way, there should be plenty of warning, and probably some time for people who haven't been able to build up get their streak high enough.

    • RedlaSunShowers029

      Did some digging:

      Good news - we can start printing and mailing the badges out again.

      Bad news - we don't have anyone that can do it currently. The owner of the site doesn't have time (it takes several hours to write and mail out a batch of badges), though we may be able to get a mod volunteer to help sort it out (I'd volunteer but being on an island in the middle of nowhere makes things tricky).

      We've basically got two options, though:

      1) Set up an end-date for badges to be claimed on-site and mail them out as a one-off, concluding the badge claims.

      2) Find a volunteer who's capable of consistently mailing them out.

    • Admin-Mat Admin-Wisteria @admin-Furvilla Wasn't sure which of you guys to ping. Know this news post was sent out ages ago, but are they still being mailed out? I remember there being some sort of issue with stock but wasn't sure if that had been resolved yet.

    • Your Certified Furvilla Fan Badge was mailed out on 10 Jun 2017, 12:46 am to the following address: (insert my address, town, state, area code) I still have not recieved my badge. Is it possible to have it remailed but to another address?

    • Is it being created is that why the wait is so long?

    • Do you guys ship to PO Boxes? Because It has been a month since I have hit the 90 day mark and claimed my Badge, And it has not shipped out. I never got my notice or anything. And I understand there might be a bit of a wait but I don't think It should be a month wait on the que.

    • Any word on when these are going to get mailed out?

    • I got mine in the mail today! I love it! :D Now...Where do I find those little badge clips? 'Cuz it didn't come with one...

    • Cool! I'll aim for it when I get back home

    • StrawBerryFox
      It's quite possible and that someone or just about anyone could make their own certified badge. It looks very simple to make too. Just use word art and a digital art program and then Bam! You created yourself your very own certified tag. I just think its her digital art quality and paper material that make it unique.