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Posted by Admin-Mat on 27 Feb 2017, 5:34 pm


We are so excited to have our Certified Badges in by Mary Mouse! Originally we planned to only offer these at conventions, but it was suggested to have them available onsite as well for Furvilla's online furry fans. In lieu of offering them for sale, we've decided to make them available as a free reward for supporting Furvilla. Players can claim a badge as a thank you for purchasing $50 in FurDollars OR logging into the game a consecutive 90 days.

Badges are limited to one per account. A valid name and shipping address is required for the badge to be shipped; the information inputted can be edited until the badge is shipped. Shipping is free to all domestic and international players. Players will receive a shipping notice when their badge ships out so they know when to keep an eye on the post for its arrival!

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    • These are so nice, and I am eligible to get one, since I have a 122 day streak, but I'm just not comfortable with giving out my address/name lol. Hope everyone who gets one likes them, they look pretty cool.

    • How do we claim the 50$ one?

    • Is it $50 total because I have definitely bought well over $50 worth of FD...

    • So cool! I'm glad the current streak counts towards it! I hadn't realized I've been on for 131 days consecutively o.o

    • This is pretty cool, it makes me more excited about getting to my 90 day daily streak!

      I love the art style!

    • Would it be a $50 cumulative purchase or $50 in one single transaction?

    • Hope the 90 days counts ones we already have! My streak is unbroken for a while, now. Super cool!!

    • @ MaiCometShard well it says it's waiting to be shipped even though I didn't add a name so I guess I am getting it I hope I do.

    • WHAT

      You guys are awesome!

    • I'd love for more things like this to be implemented.
      They don't have to be actual things that can be shipped
      But just getting rewards just for being an active user is very rewarding!