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March Monthlies

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Mar 2017, 9:48 pm


March is here in full swing, and we have plenty of awesome things planned here at Furvilla!

The FurDollar Emporium is featuring its newest stock of pets!


The Firecat, in all its blazing glory!


A Wyvern, for all the scalie fans!


A Squirrel, for those who were expecting more from the chipmunks last month!


A Frog, for fans of amphibians!


The Sneep, a cute furry snake!

We're experimenting with the monthly mini-pets again and have decided to try out a new method this month: these mini-pets have a 5 day breeding cool-down. They will be able to breed until April 1, 2017, at which point they will become unbreedable. We hope this is good news for those of you who enjoyed breeding them before, and also allows them to keep a solid value!


The Retired Box has popped into the FurDollar Emporium as well. It contains a random box from past months (which would be February, for now).


Clink-clank! What's that noise? It's the new Mechanical Mini-Pets! Well, if you can't get a real pet to love you, why not program one instead?


Crafters have a new set of blueprints available to them - mechanical mini-pets. These blueprints drop from Warrior battles as potential loot that you can find. Each village has its own animal, but you can trade blueprints to other villages if you want to get them all!


To make mechanical pets, you'll need to get two types of items - mechanical pieces and mechanical organs. Pictured above are the mechanical pieces. Each village has its own mechanical piece to be found when exploring. Collect as many as you want, and then start trading the extras to other villages, so you can have enough pieces to create your new mecha pal!


Pets don't last long without hearts and brains, and mechanical pets are no different. Grab the blueprints to build a mechanical organ from the Quest Shop, also used by the Crafter, and get building!


Mechanical organs require Steel and Oil Cans to build. You can find Oil Cans available in the Quest Shop as well.


Got all your pieces? Now it's time to build your own lovable pet! When you complete a crafting recipe to make a mini-pet, it will randomize which color mini-pet you get. Can you collect them all?


Mechanical Wolves are native to Dragonsmaw Manor!


Mechanical Seals are native to Tigereye Peak!


Mechanical Fish are native to Oceandome!


Mechanical Dragons are native to Olde Foxbury!


Mechanical Birds are native to Quetzal Palace!

Who said engineering couldn't be fun, huh?
See you next time!

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    • where the heck are all the SR monsters? come on!

    • Spent 20 dollars and got commons/uncommons. Probably not going to spend any money on this site ever again. If you're so concerned about "protecting users' investments" you should make us want to invest in the first place. Just a tip!

    • i like everything about this update

    • We'll see how it goes this month, ponied up for squirrels and firecats.

      Question: has adding the mechanical pet parts reduced the probabilities of getting other explorer drops (particularly iron lumps)?

    • my username is literally frogluv... bless your souls...

    • Aaa, yay, I'm so happy to see these changes! <33 I'm so excited for those mechs and Sneeps!

    • A moose squirrel....

      Sam and Dean fused?

    • I'm happy FDE pets are finally breedable again but I also worry how I'll get any regular breeding done if each month has me focusing on 5 limitedly breedable species already D:

    • it's just me, or the mechanical dragons and mechanical wolves are a bit changed? o3o

    • 11/10 would fangirl over again