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Idea Development Update

Posted by Staff on 10 Mar 2017, 3:49 am


Hi everyone, hope you don't mind if I bark in your ears a bit again today!

I'd like to personally welcome all of you to the Grand Opening of the new Idea Development Forum! Previously, we’ve taken a passive approach to site-development, but now we’re looking to interact with the community to help make important decisions over the site’s direction.

We are attempting to be more transparent with the user-base and take feedback more seriously. This is no simple matter, but we plan to try our very best to work alongside all of you to make Furvilla an enjoyable place for you and your friends to spend your time!

Official Idea Development Team

Supervising Admin: Admin-Mat


And as they are our wonderful Community Admin, you may see Admin-Deinmaar flitting in and out from time to time to see your wonderful suggestions and ideas so be sure to give a friendly hello when you see them!

Before doing any posting please be sure to look at the stickied posts in the new forums for rules and introduction to how things are going to work, this is all very important information and should be read through carefully.

And remember, Furvilla is both a game and a community! Let’s work together to figure out what will be best for everyone!

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    • Excellent. I look forward to being a part of this community!

    • Thank God

    • Thank you!

    • Thank you so much you guys! I really think this will help the community a lot! <3

    • Thank you for this! User feedback should be taken into consideration, since their opinions determine whether the game is fun and successful or not.

    • Oh gosh, that's amazing! Thanks a bunch you guys!!

    • I'm really excited to see this, thank you so much!
      Before it felt like ID was just a place to rally as many users as possible to spam the same suggestion in am email, I hope this makes things feel more productive for everyone!

    • this is great! thank you team!!

    • i'm very glad you guys have decided to do this!! i hope to see a lot of good things come from it!