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April Flowers

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Apr 2017, 5:20 pm


April brings with it lots of flowers, rain, and new FD Emporium pets!


First on the list is the Meep, an adorable little chick just waiting to go home with you!


Next in our line of elemental kitties is the Gaiacat, all blossoming and ready!


Fans of dogs rejoice to see the Doberpup!


Sheep aren't about to be left out, now available as the Baa!


The Snell is up next! Maybe those Racing Snell will build a track someday.

Boxes are available in the FD Emporium, and super rares have been listed too for folks who don't like random draw boxes, and to set a ceiling for their price. These mini-pets have a 5 day breeding cool-down. They will be able to breed until May 1, 2017, at which point they will become unbreedable.


The Inventory is in the process of being converted to FurCash-based slots. Those of you who purchased slots with FurDollars will get a happy refund soon - perfect for stocking up on some new April mini-pets! Who ever said tax refund season couldn't be fun?


Bugs are swarming and swarming and swarming! Some of you have already gotten your paws on a couple bugs already, but they're posed to take over fairly soon. Keep your windows and doors closed, spring is about to arrive in full force with an incoming update to the Explore class this April!

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    • Yes, it includes inventory and storage:

      From: FurVilla Staff
      To: Argent
      Amount: 1800
      Currency: FurDollars
      Description: [Award] Refund for storage upgrades bought with FurDollars.

    • The insect revolution is at hand yeeeeeeeee!! They're so cute <3

    • Just spent literally all my funds updating to 500/400 slots XD Kinda wish I'd had the dollars back when paintie tickets were cheap. Ah well~!

    • Excited for the bumblebees though! Nicknamed "humla" in Icelandic probably for the loud hunming they make [laughs]

    • MZZA hmm, relatable, wish they can fix this in the future

    • llZoeyll they accidentally released it early and a few people got lucky and got some, just like with those metal pieces for the mechanical pets, if you were there.

    • Up coming update for explorers means its not yet released right? Why I'm seeing ppl commenting, when do they available again :o?

    • MZZA I think storage is literally secondary inventory. When in storage you see "inventory > storage" which links you back to inventory. So I felt it is a relevant queastion, but I wouldn't be mad if the refund only covered basic inventory.

      When you got the choice to increase your inventory/storage you literally got double the space for same price if you bought storage, so it was smarter to buy storage rather than inventory gor the same thing basically.

    • MyraMidnight I don't think it will, as storage is a "secondary thing", just an added convenient thing rather than a necessity