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Contest Winners & New/Upcoming Features

Posted by Staff on 4 Apr 2017, 6:24 am


Hello again everyone! We’ve got a lot to get through this news post so I am just going to get right to it.

Frostbite Paintie Contest

A big thank you to all of you that participated in the contest, there were so many lovely entries, Frostbite was just beside himself to see all of your amazing artwork! Below are the winning entries, congratulations to all of the winners!

Anchorman Frostbite by Lycoris #83010


Breaking News! Frostbite by Doomy #10705


Field Reporter Frostbite by Tickfleato #14796


Sports Action News Frostbite by Jackalloops #73994


Forecast Frostbite by Shuppet #21753


*Painties will be uploaded and prizes sent out very soon! If you are one of the above winners please PM Admin-Mat with your FD Pet Box choices.*

New & Upcoming Features

And now we have a few little developments we’d like to chat with all of you about! We’re very excited for all that is coming to Furvilla in the next couple months or so and just wanted to share a bit of that with all of our wonderful users (that’s you guys by the way).

Monthly Paintie Contests

For those of you that like to dabble in the creative we will now be running monthly themed Paintie contests! Head on over to the threads below to check out the info for the April contest.

April Paintie Contest

April Paintie Contest Discussion

Explore Class Update

In hopes to break up the monotony of all that clicking, we’re bringing you even more clicking! But hopefully it will be a bit more exciting now...Explore will be featuring random pop up events so keep a look out and be careful not to skip over anything fun!

And in the near future we will also be hosting a thread where all of you can offer up your own user created events for consideration. Be on the lookout for that if you are interested in trying your hand at event creation.

Upcoming Warrior Class Update

We are currently working hard and hammering away behind the scenes to iron out all of the fun and amazing things that are going to come along with this update! It’s going to be a big one with a whole lot of changes but in the end I think everyone will be very happy with what we’re bringing to the table! Here are a few little tidbits for you guys to snack on in the meantime.

-Durability will be a thing of the past! (for those of you that worked to get high durability weapons, don’t worry, the new system will reward this)
-Blacksmiths are about to be a whole lot busier soon so we hope you’ve been training yours up!
-Crafters and Tailors should also be prepared to learn a few new tricks as well.
-Warriors are going to be training extra hard, something big is coming, and they need to be prepared to adapt to these changes (maybe they'll even find some new toys to play with too...)

Upcoming New Feature: Recycling and Fur Gem Shop

A lot of you have been asking for a nice item sink and we have heard you! We are currently in the process of putting together a Recycling system that will pair with a shop full of fun little goodies for you to spend those hard earned Fur Gems on. More details will become available as we get closer to releasing this feature but we hope you’re as excited as we are about it.

Upcoming Quest System Revamp

One more project we will be diving headfirst into is revamping the Quest system, we’d love to see this feature thrive and be more enjoyable for our users. So we’ll be working hard toward that goal and we look forward to bringing you all something exciting in the future!

And lastly, all Fur Dollar refunds for Inventory/Storage have been given out. If you did not get a refund and you think you were owed one, or if you think you were refunded an incorrect amount, please file a report at the bottom of the page so that we can take a look at the logs.

Thanks for letting me ramble at you all again!

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    • I'd like to know why the items we get from explore events are so limited? I mean, why are galaxy costumes and moonlit wuffs so common from yellow cards and no other costumes or SR pets?

      And why so many events take all our turns? It might be better for them to take away varying amounts of turns, sometimes five, ten, or all, for example. And more variety in items to find.

    • Agree with Squirrel , the bugs are already worthless, even the super-rares are almost worthless.

      I'd like to see more randomness in the events. Many of them, like the black card, always end the turn without giving you anything.

    • I like all of these updates. Thanks! I'm willing to be patient and open-minded for the warrior class *waits to make a judgment*

    • Grouchybeast Oh, hadn't noticed! ='D Probably because I get lag on my end and am more in a rush to just finish XD; My bad~

      Sure wishing there was a Stylism/Tamper Monkey script to half the size of the images; there's only so much I can zoom out before I can't read the site.

    • The new explore event are great! Though it would be nice if bug's were rarer and random events were more common, I also think there's a bit too many events that can clear explores, at least more than half of the ones I've encountered so far have done that, I'd rather there be more that remove a certain amount, did nothing, or just gave a common item instead. That's just my suggestion, it's still a good addition either way!

    • I'm a little nervous how high durability weapons will be rewarded? I spent a lot back in December to get my Swords and Shields of Discourse durability up, using hundreds of bell fairies.
      I am happy about the fact they can't break though, mine were set to last a very long time without needing repairs but I'll be glad to not have to watch the number anymore ^^

      I'm looking forward to the fur gems shop, I'm ready with my hoard of items to convert! I hope there will be a good range of both cheap and expensive items to trade for.

    • @thekeikolsalie rich as in, in game rich ^^; regardless if you had enough funds to purchase fd or trade for fd with fc, thats still an unfair advantage that you got returned to you while others who didnt have the funds (either irl to purchase fd or onsite with fc trading for fd) now have to cough up much more to get on the same level. As an example, people who upgraded their inventory slots and storage slots to 500 each now got to keep their slots and get the fd back, while i had to pay 600,000 fc to get to 500 storage and 425 inventory. I have to pay another 225,000 to get that inventory up to 500 also. Thats almost a million fc that i had to spend that others dont have to spend because they had the fd to upgrade.

      Unfair advantage to those who got and the refund, and the slots. Imo they shouldve either made it so that people have to pay the fc they owe in order to keep their slots or to keep their slots and not get a refund. A choice of those. And yes, people who got their fd refunded to them do have the funds to pay what they owe, they just got their fd back after all.

      (Also being able to afford fd once a month still is more then people who cant afford it at all but thats nitpicky of me

    • DaDwarf Please don't generalise everyone with FD as rich and privileged. I can only buy FD once a month and even THEN I get ripped off because of where I live, -- only getting $10USD worth when I really had to pay ~$16AUD. I'm sorry for pinging you but I just reeeally hate when people generalise others like this, especially when I'm in the kind of financial situation I am in. Not to mention the fact that some people trade FC for FD... I've never done it since it's already hard enough for me to make FC as it is, but people do it and shouldn't be put in the category of "rich" because of it. I'ma shut up now. I'm probably going to regret this later but it needed to be said. Sorry.

    • Since durability is a thing of the past... will those of us who have broken our Beta weapons be able to get them back? I'm kinda doubtful, but might as well ask, y'know?

    • FRiv A bunch of people seem to have found a full set of bugs on the first day, though. That seems like it's too fast. (And they aren't actually a bonus to what you'd find, as finding a bug removes an extra turn from that hour's gathering. So each bug costs you whatever else you might have gathered on that turn.)