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Posted by Staff on 6 Apr 2017, 8:54 pm


As some of you may have already noticed, you now have the option to recycle your items through the Discard feature in Inventory and Quick Stock! The shop and it's items are still under construction right now but you can work on collecting Fur Gems while we work on getting the shop stock ready for release.

You can find the Recycling Shop link below (and in your Town Hall menu). Another announcement will be made in the future when we are ready to start adding things for you to buy, but for now you can check in to see your Fur Gem amount.

Recycling Shop

Have fun guys!

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    • I haven't tried recycling yet, but the idea of recycling animals disturbs me greatly... I don't know if I can, don't want to try. clings to hundreds of bugs

    • never mind, I see it now \o/ it probably didn't actually replace it earlier I'm just an idiot.

    • Argent idk why it keeps putting a space after I delete it

    • @ Argent Where? I've never seen that before and the recycle has replaced the discard function.

    • What do you mean, Ruby ? You can still sell plants to NPCs.

    • no more selling plants back to the ether for mad FC sob.

    • Argent you think that's creepy?

      I just came to the realisation that when you're breeding white tiger cubs.. You're breeding children

      I need an adult

    • I'm the guy who gives up on Gravity after the "how come that guy falls off the Space Station if they're in free fall" scene, MyraMidnight . I can't stop logicing. Plus the delta-V for the orbital plane change from the telescope to the Space Station is like 3 kilometers per second so there's no way they could have got there in the first place. (watches The Martian again and feels better)

    • Argent why you bring logic into this? [holds a crate of guinea pigs]

    • Feels kind of creepy to feed living animals into a recycling pot.