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New Species Contest!

Posted by Staff on 10 Apr 2017, 10:42 pm


We're looking to add a new Rare Species to the site through the Recycle Shop so this is your chance to show us your ideas! Come on by the contest threads and check things out if you're feeling creative!

Create a Species Contest

Question and Discussion Thread

Have fun guys!

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    • So tempted...I doubt i'd stand a chance but it'd give me an excuse to work on something new so *SHRUGS*

    • WOOOO

    • Omg. Recycling shop/trash = should be bug/beetles!

    • Oh heck yeah! I can't wait to see all of the ideas!

    • This sounds fun! I probably can't think of any cool ideas... Good luck to anyone who enters the contest though! :)

    • Omg This is totally the sort of thing I would Love to get into!! It's too bad it's right at the end of my semester and so I won't be able to participate without unhealthy amounts of stress
      Looking forward to seeing entries!!

    • OH FLUFF YEAH!! This is gonna be fun! Good luck everyone!

    • Squee!! I cant wait to see all the ideas!

    • this is amazing 10/10 good luck to all who enter!!!!