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Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 19 Jul 2017, 6:29 am


So with our sparring friends off resting (don't worry - they'll be back!), we've some new challengers on the scene!

This time around, we've some new item art among the loot:


And with this new amulet, we've a new category of magic: Earth Spells!

Also, somewhere, lost to the void, we've these two new Kitsunes:


There's three tiers of battlegrounds - this time round, you'll be able to find slabs in all battlegrounds, as well as coins and crystals. The type of crystals you'll find varies depending on your chosen battleground, and there's a few other little secrets to discover as well!

Additionally, the initial batch of events has been re-enabled. They'll be around until this mini-event concludes - though, you're probably better off staying away from the manor!

This unfortunately excludes the original version of QP's event, as it was modified. However, both QP events are more likely to occur during the event.

Finally, if you have any issues regarding the recent crystal changes (specifically, if you crafted crystals within three weeks of the changes yesterday), please contact me with any proof you might have and we may be able to sort you out a replacement crystal, depending on the circumstances.

This event will conclude at 11:59pm on the 29th of July, Furvilla time.

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    • My level 8 warrior can fight the Lone Wolves. My level 5 warrior? Keeps being turned into a mop for the battleground floors.

    • Did I hear WOLVES??!
      Tak needs to know everything about how wolves are involved here plz

    • When I read 3 areas I thought there was an actual mid area, not a hard and harder. Still stuck completely in the lowest one and now disappointed again after having gotten over it the first time...

    • So i guess if this event is running through the 29th, we shouldn't expect the Oceandome festival to finally happen until August, right?

      Also, this news announcement is really confusing >__<

    • oh boy another event only the super strong can do! thanks furvilla, i LOVE not being able to participate in these!

    • Wait a minute, does this have something to do with the garden, the door, or the shed?

    • Looks like half the NPCs in the higher battlegrounds have high resistance AND heal every round. How are you supposed to win?

    • Awesome

    • What is the initial batch of events referring to?

    • Dang it I just completed my Kitsune collection! But seriously, thank you, and it's mega impressive that there's so many interesting and unique events for the warrior career. Now I must grind... please don't kill my warrior.