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Oceandome Event Shop Is Open!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 31 Aug 2019, 5:20 am


It's that time again, time to spend your Plunder Points! The Oceandome Event Shop is stocked and open for business!

What are you still doing here, go buy things!!!

Happy Shopping!


Oceandome Treasure Fest 2019!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 Aug 2019, 12:00 pm


Hey guys, looks like it’s that time again! What time you ask? TREASURE TIME! The Annual Oceandome Festival Treasure Hunt is in full swing and it’s time to party! For those of you that have been here for past festivals, you will notice some small changes, mostly that we've done away with the whole Viking vs Pirate theme, so there is only a single ship upgrade path this year. The rest of the event is pretty much the same with a few added treats so read on to learn all about it!


Ready to get started with your treasure hunting? Get your Crafter set as your active, and head on over to the event page and pick a boat!

This is kind of a little boat though, huh? There may be sharks (there are definitely sharks), so you're going to need a bigger boat!


You’ll need to craft boat items to make your upgrades and we’re here to tell you right where you can find all the supplies to do that!


Some cool new recipes have shown up in your Crafter's career page (if you don't remember how to get there, click on the career shield next to your active villager!). You're going to want to craft Adventure Wheels to help you find the items necessary to craft your new recipes!


Adventure Wheel Fragments are found by exploring... So be sure to get your explorers all equipped and ready to investigate every crevice and overturn every stone! Soon as you have the necessary number of Adventure Wheel Fragments, you'll be able to craft an Adventure Wheel, and then you can find boat upgrade supplies and treasure!
**Adventure Wheel Fragments can also be found in both Under the Sea battlegrounds along with a few other goodies so be sure to check in with your Warrior for a bit of extra fun.**


Let's see who can build the biggest boat, huh? The bigger the boat, the better the plunder!


But what are you going to do with all that loot, you might ask? Well, aside from creating a sizable hoard like a sea dragon, you can trade in your plunder for special event items in the Treasure Trove! which will open in a week.


And it looks like it’s almost time again for the Leodon to make their migration to Oceandome... Perhaps as soon as within the next week!

An Aspen Invasion!

Hi everyone, Aspen here with some very special news for you!

With this festival, we are introducing a new item type, stones.

Colorful stones!

Stones function similarly to magical plushes and stickers, however they are not collectible to keep in a gallery. When you use a stone on a villager, it will turn into a new species color! For our Oceandome festival this year, we are introducing the color Ocean Dreams.

Colorful friends!

These and all future stone-created villagers will have their bases available right here for you to create painties of your own! Once a stone has been used, it will lose it's magic and become a keepsake souvenir.

You will also get to visit with the Ocean Dreams villagers throughout the festival, both though exploring and friendly sparring in the battlegrounds! If you are lucky, one may give you a magical stone as a gift. Also, stones will be available at the end of the event in the shop, so don't worry if you don't find one right away.

Please note! Stone colors are not replacements for our regular artist, Kiwiggle. They are supplemental content which will be created by members of our staff team to add some fun and variety to our festivals. We hope you enjoy this new addition!

Recap Time w/Mat!

Just a few bits to wrap up here...But please be sure to read the whole news post, I know it’s a lot but it’s important stuff!

- The Treasure Trove Shop will open a week into the event on August 31st.
- You'll have one week after the event (Sept. 14th) to spend any remaining plunder points before the shop is removed and the points are lost.
- To get started on the event, all you have to do is explore. Note that drop rates & prices may be subject to change due to player feedback.
- If you didn't set a Crafter before selecting a boat and do not have the recipes as a result, they can be bought at The Recycling Shop
-Be sure to check out the Under the Seas battlegrounds for Adventure Wheel Fragments and other fun stuff! (Admin-Wisteria wants me to remind you that the drops from both grounds will be available in the event shop, purchasable with Plunder Points.)
- Event ends at 12:00 AM on September 8th.


**Viewer is not needed to use Adventure Wheels, it is just a keepsake item.**

Now get out there and get that treasure!


2019 Oceandome Festival to start tomorrow at noon!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 23 Aug 2019, 11:26 pm


Hello all! Testing is done and we are back online. We have some finishing touches to make, but we plan on starting the 2019 Oceandome Festival tomorrow at noon Furvilla Time!

Thank you!


Scheduled downtime tomorrow at 11PM

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Aug 2019, 7:14 pm


Hello! Tomorrow night starting at around 11:00PM Furvilla Time we will be going into maintenance mode for preparation for the 2019 Oceandome Festival. We expect this to take less than an hour.


New Villager News!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 20 Aug 2019, 12:45 am


"Hey! Hi there! You’re a friend of the Chief right? Yeah, you are, I totally recognize you, I’ve given you a cool drum thingy before!

I need some help, it looks like some more friends from back home have finally arrived and the Chief and Sage Ismene asked me to make sure they feel welcome...And you have a super nice, welcoming face so I thought you could help me out, just be friendly and all that, ya know?"


"Ok, now that that is settled, it’s time to meet the new friends! Introducing some big buddies with even bigger hearts, Elephants!"


"They even brought a little buddy along with them, isn’t it just the cutest? I hear these guys like to hang around that Fur Dollar Emporium place with that fancy pants Gembound so you can look for them there!"


"Oh! Wait, before you go you’ve totally gotta take one of these super cool books I found!"


- Jherin -


It's Too Hecking Hot Contest Winners!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 4 Aug 2019, 8:49 pm


Hey everyone! It's Kaleo, here to bring you the winners of the It's Too Hecking Hot contests!

Paintie Contest

First Place Winner! Hyperbole (#35995)

Second Place: SheepShape (#5760)

Third Place: noll (#12373)

Fourth Place: Ceruleanfire (#116261)

Fifth Place: CrunchyLatte (#37622)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive a Paintie Ticket or their Paintie uploaded, Golden Paintbrush Trophy, and their choice of any 3 current or past FD Emporium Pet Boxes or 1 Magic Chibi Shifty Sticker.

Art Contest!

First Place Winner! Sealterbloind (#140648)

Second Place: Gilda (#72308)

Third Place: Khisyra (#1141)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive the Art Contest Trophy, 1000 FurDollars, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes!

Vista Contest!

First Place Winner! Baelfin (#35056)

Second Place: SheepShape (#5760)

Third Place: Sealterbloind (#140648)

Fourth Place: snafflewyrm (#20990)

Winning Vistas have been uploaded to the Recycler! Winners will receive their prizes shortly.

Chibi Shifty Paintie Contest!

First Place Winner! MariahKat (#18611)

Second Place: doin-me-a-frighten (#131482)

Third Place: greyer (#140470)

Fourth Place: forestcheeto (#31207)

Fifth Place: kuroikitzune (#117312)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive a Paintie Ticket or their Paintie uploaded, Golden Paintbrush Trophy, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes OR 1 Magic Chibi Shifty Sticker!

Writing Contest!

First Place Winner! Soggy Sand Beast by MariahKat (#18611)

Second Place: Fireworks on the Beach from Space by KilljoyLights (#4515)

Third Place: Raising Shell by MsLupinetti (#77910)

Please PM AdminAssistant with your prize choices! Winners will receive the Contributor Trophy, 1000 FurDollars, and their choice of any 3 current or retired FD Emporium Pet Boxes!
All winning entries have been uploaded to the Knowledgebase!

With that, we wrap up the winners of the Too Hecking Hot contests! Congratulations to all the winners!

♦ MOD-Kaleo ♦


August Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Aug 2019, 3:52 pm


Is it August already? Wow summer sure is flying by! I guess this means it’s time to show off the fun new monthly additions we have for you guys.

New Minipets

Check out the August FD Pets!


First up we have the Koala!


So elegant, in a profile view...the Harpy Eagle!


Hopping? through the treetops, it’s the Tree Kangaroo!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until September 1st.


July was the end of the Plantimal year, we had a great time bringing you fun plant related mini pets and we hope you enjoyed them too! Past seeds will start cycling back in each month now, just in case anyone missed them on the first go.

For August 2019 the Birb Bloom seeds will be available again! We have dropped the occurrence rate on these events just slightly since this is the second release of these seeds.


Just a quick reminder that contests will be ending very soon so get those last minute entries in for a chance to win some cool prizes!

Have a great day!


Welcome Packs, Summer Battles, and Pinata Fun!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 30 Jul 2019, 10:00 pm


Updates are here, for players old and new!

Welcome to Furvilla, New Players!
Now, when a new player joins Furvilla, they are greeted by our very own Oracle during the tutorial!

I see all!

At the end of the tutorial, you are given a wonderful new box to help you start your Furvilla journey. This box is also available to all current players, by clicking the link below.

Full of surprises!


The box contains some slabs and seeds, as well as other starter items, but it also contains the following new items, to satisfy the seasoned Furvilla citizen...


Welcome boxes also contain a breeding potion and a pair of Brown Dromedaries, which are now breedable through the Animal Husbandry career!

Hi there!

To our new players, welcome to Furvilla, we hope you enjoy your stay here!

Summertime Battlegrounds Changes
We mentioned in a previous news post that the Golem battlegrounds would be back in Furvilla until September 23rd. However, we've decided to let them stick around forever in our new Mystic Caves and Mystic Depths battlegrounds. You can also visit the tiny golems in the new Mystic Gardens battleground for lower level warriors. All Mystic grounds are permanent battlegrounds, and feature art exclusively by our own MOD-Shroomy !

To make up for this change of plans, we've decided to let our friend, the Radical Golem's dreams come true. You can now fight this bad boy and his colorful ant pals in Fiery Invasion, which is scheduled to last until September 23rd.


By the way... have you been saving your orange, blue and green dye?

Keep an eye on our changelogs, as we will also be rotating in a number of battlegrounds throughout the year.

Mat's HERE!

Hey guys, Mat here, just hijacking part of Aspen’s news post to bring you my new addition to the FurDollar Emporium., the Birb Pinata! This cool little paper birb will cost you 100 FD and contains some very cute and fun items.


Birb Pinata Contents

Take a look below at all the cool little things that you could get from the Birb Pinata (when opened the Pinata will give one of the below items at random).


The lovely rainbow of 8 Jumbo Gummi Bears above are some very special new food items, they are worth 100 Food Points each!

Have fun busting open those Pinatas guys!

Oh and - Aspen - too!


Update on Lion Warrior Costume

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Jul 2019, 3:52 pm


Quinn here.

As a heart to heart from myself and all of you, I want to sincerely say that I love this game and its community. Ultimately Furvilla is a game and as such it needs to be fun and fulfilling for its players. It also needs to sustain itself. As an owner, it is my responsibility to try to do what is best for the game, even if mistakes are inevitable.

With regards to the Lion Warrior Costume, the reaction has been strong enough that it would be unfair to ignore.

For those who have been around long enough to have witnessed its conception, the idea of the Lion Warrior Costume initially began as a custom order. However, it quickly came under the full financial responsibility and creative control of Furvilla and its staff. Furvilla paid for the artwork and made final decisions on implementation. ie, the Lion Warrior Costume and its associated items are an original Furvilla IP, as much as the gembound species.

While I was admittedly surprised by the force of reaction to the announced FD Emporium exclusivity of the Lion Gem, I completely understand the opinion that an item that gives an advantage, no matter how small, should not require an item that is an FD exclusive. Also, we don’t want to exclude people that have accumulated the other ingredients via gameplay expecting to eventually craft the full costume. I understand this and can relate.

Thus, we have decided to move forward with making the Lion Gem also craftable with reagents obtainable from gameplay. These will all be ingredients related to the Clawtooth theme, available via the Spirit Lions battlegrounds as well as associated explore events. We'll be actively assessing the drop rates for the various reagents needed.

Please be on the lookout for its recipe alongside the other related recipes in The Fair Exchange.

Furthermore, after evaluating relative values on the site, we have decreased the price of the Lion Gem from 750FD to 250FD. You do not need to purchase this gem if you wish to craft it instead. Those who purchased Lion Gems at the original price have been refunded the difference.

To summarize, there are two versions of the Lion Warrior Costume:
- The standard is on par with all other costumes in terms of difficulty to craft and has warrior and explorer buffs.
- The "blessed" version is more difficult to craft and effectively amounts to an aesthetic upgrade by unlocking the spirit lion, plus giving the equivalent of two warrior buffs.

Thank you all for playing. I don’t pretend to know what’s always best, but I am grateful for this opportunity to keep this game and community going.

- Quinn


The Lion Warrior Costume is here!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Jul 2019, 1:42 am


"Hello friend,

In case you have forgotten my name, I am Priscilla.

As Chief Clawtooth's Master of Quill, I am responsible for crafting our people's attire. The Chief is most proud of his Lion Warriors.

Chief Clawtooth and Sage Ismene asked me to teach your people how to dress like our warriors. If you prove yourself truly worthy, you may even be blessed with your own lion spirit to guide you.

I have met one of your generous shopkeepers who has agreed to give out the patterns for free."


Heya! Quinn here!

Looks like we have a new costume you can craft!



The standard Lion Warrior Costume is similar in difficulty to craft as the other costumes. It gives you bonuses in warrior and explorer careers. You will need to craft a Lion Stone as part of the costume's recipe.



The premium Blessed Lion Warrior Costume is geared to those who really want to beef up their costume. It increases your maximum warrior charges by 10!

Also, you get a cool lion spirit!

It will take quite abit to craft, including the Lion Gem, which is currently only available in the FurDollar Emporium for 750 FD.


The recipes for both costumes as well as the Lion Stone are available at The Fair Exchange.

Short on ingredients? Don't fret! You can find them as drops in the Spirit Lions battlegrounds. Also, keep exploring!

Finally, want to make painties? Look here in the "Lion Warrior" folder for bases! Note that you can only use the line art for the spirit lions if you have a Blessed Lion Warrior Costume. However, you are free to draw your own background spirit for either costume!

- Hiker Quinn