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Daylight Savings Time

Posted by Admin-Mat on 11 Mar 2018, 1:18 am


Hello everyone, it's that time again, Daylight Savings is going to hit the site in about 40 minutes and may end up making some things a bit wonky. Last time this happened things resolved themselves when the hour rolled over, so try not to do too many major transactions if you can help it (just in case). We'll have another post for you once it looks like things are back to normal.



Serpent Festival and Gala Ending

Posted by Admin-Mat on 7 Mar 2018, 7:57 am


Just a quick reminder that today is the last day of the Serpent Festival and Gala so be sure to breed all your cloud pets and finish all your shopping in the Festival Event Shop by 11:59pm Furvilla time tonight!

The Mystery Bag and Cloud Pet Vistas will also be leaving the FD Emporium once the Festival closes it's doors tonight so be sure to grab them while you still can.

Thanks all!


Custom Item Update

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 5 Mar 2018, 6:02 pm


Hey all!

There's some temporary changes to custom items, which you can read about here.

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Battleground Change

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 3 Mar 2018, 7:41 pm


Hi all, just a quick news post to let you know the Frost Ring opponents are no longer available, but the Sparring Grounds (Novice, Intermediate and Regular) have been enabled.


A little reminder that this item will be retiring from the FDE in just over 3 days.


And finally, please note that staff may be a little slow to reply over the next couple days as we recover from all the festival prep!


Serpent Festival Gala Open!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Mar 2018, 12:11 pm


Ana says:

With a clang, the doors to the Quetzal Palace citadel have finally opened. The Gala begins at now, and continues for the rest of the Serpent Festival. Do make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the Gala -- the bouncers won't let you in otherwise.

*Be sure to claim a fancy new outfit below by clicking the image and equip it to your active villager before trying to enter.*


Click the picture above to enter the Gala

At the Gala, the Guardian Angels are offering a store where you can exchange feathers for various Gala and festival-themed rewards. Regard below what you can find:


There are even some new Cloud Pet themed forum vistas!


Finish off your collections with the rare and super rare creatures we managed to catch.


And don’t forget to check out this year’s new Magic Festival themed plush.



Have fun at the Gala, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there! Doors will close at midnight Furvilla time on March 8th so be sure to have all your shopping done by then.

You all look lovely, enjoy the party!


March-ing Into a New Month!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Mar 2018, 9:05 am


March is here soo you know what that means, it’s time again for new monthly goodies!

New Minipets

The March FD Pets are here! Let's check out what we have for this month...


First up we’ve got Cuttlefish! I suspect they are very squishy...


Baby goats? You’ve gotta be Kid-ing me! Enjoy the Pygmy Goat!


And last, but definitely not least...Let’s welcome the (fluffy) Silkie Chicken!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until April 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

Limited Time FDE Items

For the next week you will be able to find a few new items in the Fur Dollar Emporium but be sure to grab them now if you want them because they will be leaving the shop when the Serpent Festival ends!

First we have this very, not actually shiny, brown mystery bag…


And some new vistas have joined the mix!


March Contests

Be sure to check out the Shifting Seasons Art and Writing contests, they are going on through the month so there is still plenty of time to enter! And don’t forget our monthly Paintie contest.

Shifting Seasons Writing Contest

Shifting Seasons Art Contest

March Paintie Contest

And lastly I’d like to say welcome and offer a big thank you to our newest team member, Mod-Shroomy! They are responsible for the new Cloud Pet Forum Vista set as well as numerous recent item recolors and we’re happy to have them with us! Be sure to say hello and make them feel welcome.

Gala News will be coming soon!


Costumes, Help Us Out, and New Lore!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 23 Feb 2018, 8:34 pm


Hey guys, just popping in to show off some new costumes, ask for a little help, and say congrats. I hope you'll stick with me and check out the whole new post (not just get lost in the shiny new costumes).

New Quetzal Palace Costumes

Looks like some of the citizens of Furvilla are going to get to enjoy some new costumes! Enjoy them everyone!



Break the Site?

We would greatly appreciate it if you guys could come on Furvilla, and bring all your friends that are members too, and help us test the site! We will have someone monitoring to try and figure out the lag issues so we'd really like to push the site to it's limits at 10pm Furvilla time on Sunday February 25th. Please show up and log on!

New Dragonsmaw Manor Lore

And now a big congratulations to Luckyclaw #55231, the winner of of Dragonsmaw Manor Lore Contest! The winning entry will now be the official lore for our beloved DMM. We will make another announcement when the article is officially added.



Breeding Cap Increased

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 22 Feb 2018, 6:14 pm


The breeding cap has been increased to 100 for the event.

Have fun!


Welcome to the Festival!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Feb 2018, 5:24 am


Ana says:

Greetings, villagers of the mainland. The time has come, and the serpent has landed on the mainland and is ready for your offerings. This ancient beast is one of the last remaining from the old times, before written history, before the villages came together in a global economy and named themselves, collectively, Furvilla. This serpent is where the villagers of Quetzal Palace have made our town, and its constant movement allows us travel across the entire Furvillian continent. Except for these coming two weeks, at least...


*image is clickable*

The serpent is peculiar, you see. It enjoys collecting small animals and weaponry/armor (though we are widely uncertain what it does with these items). If you bring it an offering of these items, it will reward you in turn. Our Cloudog species was created by the serpent, and it appears that it has created more life from the clouds:




As you may note, these creatures have a breeding cool-down of one day. This means that you may attempt to breed them, if you are skilled in animal husbandry, or you can continue to offer the serpent creatures in exchange for its creations. You may find that the serpent is more rewarding, if you are seeking out a rarer animal. When the serpent leaves on March 7th, these creatures will become infertile, and will not be able to breed.

But fear not, as the Guardian Angels will be working to collect rare and super rare creatures to offer at the Gala Ball. Nonetheless, if you happen to include 5,000 FC with your animal offering, the serpent may regard which species you prefer.


The serpent is giving away weapons and armor (and a helm) that are far stronger than most we have created... and much more sturdy. Perhaps one day the serpent will share its techniques for durable construction with our blacksmiths... hm...


This is the Serpent's Feather, and you can obtain it by trading in weapons or armor to the serpent. This is the currency of the Gala Ball. If you wish to purchase anything from the Gala, then you should collect these. You can also find them through a special Explore Event, Wandering Monster Battlegrounds, and when you turn in Minipets to the Serpent (a 25% chance).


And don’t forget about the Gala, it opens on March 1st at 12:00 PM. I expect you will be getting yourself ready for that... place yourself in a nice suit or dress, and you will look your best. Perhaps you can earn yourself a VIP ticket to the Gala? Do be sure to bring plenty of feathers, as there will be many fashionable objects available at the Gala for your perusal and purchase: plushes, rare and super rare creatures... perhaps other things, as we hosts see fit.

There will be more news later with information on exactly how you will be able to gain access to this very exclusive event so be on the lookout. You don’t want to miss the biggest party of the year.

Lastly, be sure to make time to visit Miss Isadore at the Serpent’s Pot, she might be able to brew up something very special for you.


Feature info rundown here.

Information Recap

- Trade 5 Animals in for 1 Festival Animal (better RNG than breeding)
- Pay 5,000 FC to choose Festival Animal Species
- Festival Animals set to 1 Day Breeding Charge until 3/7/2018
- Festival Animals become unbreedable on 3/7/2018
- Trade 5, uncommon or better, Equipment Items in for 1 Festival Item (weapons, armor, and feathers)
- Hoard those Serpent Feathers
- Gala Ball begins March 1st, 2018 at 12:00 PM


A Headstart!

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 21 Feb 2018, 3:28 am


Hey all, just letting you know that the festival is activate as of now.

A more detailed news post with all the features and a run down will be posted later. This is largely due to last-minute changes I've made and the introduction of a new system - I'd like to be around to monitor things for a bit given my time zone doesn't align with the majority of the site.

You can find the serpent here.

You can find a brand new feature here.. A run down of the pot's functionality will be up shortly in the staff created discussion section of the site.

Feathers will start appearing in neutral battlegrounds shortly, and the new exploration event will be available immediately.