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Quetzal Palace Costume Poll

Posted by Staff on 8 Jan 2018, 5:40 pm


We're interested in getting your opinions on a few costume ideas! Click the link below to vote for your favorite choice!

Quetzal Palace Costume Poll!

Get those votes in!


New Birthday Gifts & Paintie Contest Winners!

Posted by Staff on 6 Jan 2018, 10:15 pm


Hey, look, it’s another News post!

Birthday Gifts!

It looks like a new year has brought along new free birthday gifts for everyone, we’ve changed over to a cute set of collectible Zodiac Plushies (that are not part of the Toy Box collection)! So when your birthday rolls around, if you log in on the day, you will see a notice to claim your free birthday gift. Just click that link and collect your adorable new Plushie and a Paintie Ticket!


When the first announcement came that we were changing the Birthday Gift we noticed that there were some concerns so we’ve tried to address what we can for you guys.

-Zodiac Plushies will be stocking in the FD shop for those of you that are into collecting and might like to have a full set, or for whatever other reason you’d like to buy them of course.

-If you collect your Birthday Gift and would rather have the Non-Magical Birthstone Gembound that was given out last year, that is still an option. Please just send your Zodiac Plushie to the AdminAssistant account in a TRADE and they will exchange it for the proper Birthstone Gembound Plush.

*Only ONE Zodiac/Gembound exchange is allowed per account.*

-If you somehow receive the wrong Zodiac Plushie for your sign please send it to the AdminAssistant account in a TRADE and they will exchange it for the correct Plushie.

December Paintie Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that participated, there were lots of cute entries, you made it hard for the judges to pick! Below are the winning entries, congrats to the winners!

Entry by sakabutsu #106852


Entry by Manitka #91133


Entry by kalvier #67829


Entry by reygan-kiwi #11668


Entry by Honeebunny #29240


*Painties have been uploaded and prizes will be sent out very soon! If you are one of the above winners please PM the AdminAssistant account with your FD Pet Box choices (options are any current or past Pet Box from the FD shop).*

Have a good rest of your day/night!


More Info!

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 3 Jan 2018, 9:04 pm


Hey again all!

Just updating players on a few things:

First off, I've opened another discussion thread for animal handling changes here.

We're currently working on the DMM festival items, and should have an update on this in the next few days.

Custom Items are still planned, and an order form should be available next week.

Finally, we've added the Bell Fairies back to the recycle shop. Please note that these will be retiring permanently from the recycle shop in 7 days from this news post!


A Quick Update!

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 2 Jan 2018, 1:40 am


Been a little busy around New Years, sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I just wanted to stop by to give some times for certain on-site happenings:

The Wolves NPCs will leave on the 4th, at approximately 12:00AM Furvilla time.

Following their departure, the Challenger Battlegrounds will be available until the 14th.

Additionally, the Super Fun Happy Wheel event has a small chance to occur while exploring through till the 8th.

Will have a more in-depth update for you all in a few days!


Happy New Year, January Is Here!

Posted by Staff on 1 Jan 2018, 11:00 pm


January is here and you know what that means, it’s time for new monthly goodies!

New Minipets

The January FD Pets are here! Let's check out what we have for this month...


Looks like first we’ve got the Fuzzy Mini Moo! These little sweethearts are the softest baby Moos around!


Oh no, it’s an invasion! Let’s all be welcoming to our new crustacean rulers, the Space Lobster!


And now some stylish fluffy dogs, it’s the Sweater Pom!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until February 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

January Contests

This month we’ve got the normal Paintie contest for you and a reminder that the Art and Writing contests will be open for entry for the rest of this month, so if you still wanted to enter in those you still have time!

January Paintie Contest

Winter Writing Contest

Winter Art Contest

Other Notes

- The Retired Box in the FD Emporium has now been changed to the 2017 Retired Box and starting next month we will be stocking a new 2018 Retired Box with this year’s mini pets as they are retired!


- New themed Plush won the poll for the Birthday gifts this year but they are not Plush for your Toy Box, these will just be collectible items (though we may end up making them equippable to Villagers like the various collectible clothing items ie the Gala Dress and Gala Suit)


New gifts are not in the system yet so if you claim your gift and get the Gembound Plush from last year please keep a lookout for the news post that will tell you how you can exchange it for the new 2018 gift.

*If you receive the wrong plushie due to date discrepancies in the zodiac sign switch over (there can be overlap between when the signs change) you will be able to request the correct Plushie by sending a trade to the AdminAssistant account.*

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!


250 Charges

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 20 Dec 2017, 7:05 pm


Daily breeding charges have temporarily been increased to 250 from 50.

This will decrease to the usual 50 charges at the end of the festival.

Update: It seems you can only breed 123 pets currently. We're investigating this.


New Poll!

Posted by Staff on 17 Dec 2017, 1:48 am


We're currently trying to decide what item will replace the Gembound Plush in the monthly birthday gifts in 2018 so we'd love to get your input! Click the link below to vote!

User B-Day Item Poll!

Get those votes in!


Fairy Timers

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 15 Dec 2017, 5:58 pm


Hey all! Just quickly letting you know that fairies are currently resetting every 2 hours instead of daily.

We can change this to a daily timer if players would prefer, though! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Tigereye Peak Snow Festival!!!

Posted by Staff on 15 Dec 2017, 12:03 pm


Polaria says:

Hello everyone and welcome to the second annual Snow Festival! It’s wonderful to see so many familiar faces, I’m thrilled to have all of you joining us again this year. But for all those newcomers, let me introduce myself, my name is Polaria, and I'm the mayor of Tigereye Peak. Soo...on behalf of my village and all its residents, we're excited to share this year’s Snow Festival with you! Now everyone grab some cocoa and cookies and have a seat, we have lots to talk about.


Every year the snow fairies come out of hiding play with the residents of Tigereye Peak and help us greet the chilly winter season! We've encouraged them to travel far and wide across Furvilla, so you'll be able to celebrate with them too! Each fairy has a special ability that'll bring a boon to your villagers. The abilities vary from giving you a cute holiday item to improving your village someway.

-Snow Festival Bell Fairy: Adds 10% max durability to the equipment it blesses.
-Snow Festival Plush Fairy: Will bless you with one random non-magical plush.
-Snow Festival Candy Cane Fairy: Will bless you with one magical holiday plush.
-Snow Festival Frozen Leaf Fairy: Grants 1 extra item for your next 10 Explore turns.
-Snow Festival Gingerbread Fairy: Adds 10% max durability to any structure.
-Snow Festival Feast Fairy: Will bless you with 1 special holiday food item.
-Snow Festival Hot Cocoa Fairy: Grants immunity for 30 minutes to the villager it blesses
-Snow Festival Ice Fairy: Blesses your inventory with one extra slot.
-Snow Festival Mistletoe Fairy: Blesses you with one random minipet companion (C, UC, and R)
-Snow Festival Snowflake Fairy: Adds one domestication point onto the animal it blesses.
-Snow Festival Star Fairy: Will summon a random Fairy friend, or if you’re lucky, maybe a special item.

The Candle Fairy will not be dropping this year as there is no new stock, we have instead added the Plush Fairy and Feast Fairy into the mix.

You know, all this talk of fairies has reminded me of a story... You know it was a Frozen Leaf Fairy that led the founder of Tigereye Peak to the mountain where we all reside. In the cold of the night, Samuel and his exploration party were ready to give up. But then there was a beautiful golden light, and Samuel followed it to the caves and mountain crags where we live now. Because of this, you often see Snow Festival trees topped with a golden tiger -- a tiger, because Samuel was a tiger, and golden, because of the Frozen Leaf Fairy's beautiful glow.

Fairies will befriend you while you explore. You'll encounter them easily at first, but as you collect a lot of fairies, they will slowly become more rare to encounter. But don’t you worry your pretty little heads, this resets at the top of each day, so you can start finding fairies easier again at the beginning of the next day.


Looks like some of our villagers are getting into the spirit of the holiday too! We’re very happy to debut the new Fluffy Snake, Mythic Deer, and Sorcerer Gem Raptor (image coming soon, a change log will be posted when it is added). And honestly I'd love if you would all consider bundling up in something warm, because I just can’t help but worry about all of you now that the snow's drifting from Tigereye Peak. It must be so cold in those other villages...Olde Foxbury and Quetzal Palace are used to the chilly weather, but I worry so much for you folks in Oceandome and Dragonsmaw Manor! The weather's usually so temperate down there...


There are a lot of cute outfits that are available this year as well. One of the fairies will give you one of their Magic Plushes if you ask it nicely enough then voila, a brand new look! And sweet ones, please bear in mind these Snow Festival colors will be available only during this year's event, then they will retire.


With all the snow that has been drifting down into the other villages, perhaps you'd like to make a new friend?! The Snowphoenix population has simply exploded now that the Festival has come! We'd like to invite you to take a pair with you, simply click on the link provided above. During the festival, these mythical snow birds breed quite fast, with cool-downs of only one day. However, once the year is over, they will no longer be breedable. Please keep that in mind! If you're searching for the rarer colors of these pets, please be sure to breed them out during the festival. (Snowphoenixes will be breedable until New Year’s Day)

Oh! I almost forgot, which is a surprise because I am just so excited to announce that we’ve added a new tradition this year! All of the Mayors are bringing their favorite dishes to our Snow Festival feast! You can get this wonderful holiday goodies from the Feast Fairies.


Thank you for having a cup of cocoa with me, I love having company over. And remember, all of us here at Tigereye Peak hope you enjoy the Snow Festival!

Information Recap:

-All festivities end on December 29th. Holiday plush retire and will not be re-released.

-Mini-Pets have a 1 Day Cooldown until 12:00 PM on January 1st, at which time they become unbreedable and retired.

-Fairies are obtained from the Explore career, and begin with a 20% drop rate, decreasing by 1% with every fairy found to a 1% drop rate. This resets at the beginning of the next day. Fairies will drop until December 29th.

Looks like it’s time to PARTY!


First Annifursary Trophy!

Posted by Staff on 14 Dec 2017, 3:36 pm


Hello all, just a quick announcement today! We've convinced Tristan to stop sassing and bonking people long enough to come out and deliver a very special Trophy!




The above link will be kept active for a week so please be sure to claim your trophy by DECEMBER 21st @ 11:59pm Furvilla time.