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Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 21 Jul 2017, 10:59 pm


Hi all! Just some quick news for you all - the tournament is now open again!

You can register a single villager here!

Notably, you'll now be able to see your ELO. ELO does not directly relay your rating, but does directly influence it.

Please note that you do not have to participate in PvP to gain valour points - simply register with a warrior to start earning valour points from your regular battles! You'll gain bonus valour points for participating in the tournament itself, though! Remember, you can spend valour points here!

In two weeks, new stock will be added. Two weeks after that, old stock will be removed - and so on.

Additionally, I've opened up a thread here. It's important that we discuss and adjust equipment so PvP is eventually fair for everyone.

Finally, please note that tournament points will automatically rollover on the 1st and 15th of each month, meaning that this tournament won't last its full duration - I'd like to use this time to get feedback and balance battles a bit!

Also, thanks to Admin-Mat for the banner ^-^ Sorry for all the warrior news, we'll likely have some news for other aspects of the game next week!



Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 19 Jul 2017, 6:29 am


So with our sparring friends off resting (don't worry - they'll be back!), we've some new challengers on the scene!

This time around, we've some new item art among the loot:


And with this new amulet, we've a new category of magic: Earth Spells!

Also, somewhere, lost to the void, we've these two new Kitsunes:


There's three tiers of battlegrounds - this time round, you'll be able to find slabs in all battlegrounds, as well as coins and crystals. The type of crystals you'll find varies depending on your chosen battleground, and there's a few other little secrets to discover as well!

Additionally, the initial batch of events has been re-enabled. They'll be around until this mini-event concludes - though, you're probably better off staying away from the manor!

This unfortunately excludes the original version of QP's event, as it was modified. However, both QP events are more likely to occur during the event.

Finally, if you have any issues regarding the recent crystal changes (specifically, if you crafted crystals within three weeks of the changes yesterday), please contact me with any proof you might have and we may be able to sort you out a replacement crystal, depending on the circumstances.

This event will conclude at 11:59pm on the 29th of July, Furvilla time.


Exciting New Things!

Posted by Staff on 18 Jul 2017, 6:01 pm


Hi everyone, I am super excited that it’s time for me to bring some good news your way! Be sure to take a thorough read through because there’s some cool stuff here that we’re hoping you will all enjoy.

New Programmer

First off we’d like to welcome our new Programmer, Koafox! Please feel free to say hello here on the news comments but remember that Koafox is a private contractor and should NOT be contacted directly for bugs and programming issues. Bugs, programming issues, ect. should still always be directed to a Furvilla Staff Member directly or through the Report and Contact Us systems.

We are very happy to have Koafox joining our little Furvilla family and hope that you are all excited to see what fun we have in store for you all in the future!

Custom Forum Vistas

Next up we’ve got Custom Forum Vistas for you guys!

Custom Forum Vistas

Using the above link you can submit and manage your custom forum vistas, it’s a pretty simple process with just a couple rules (that may look familiar to those of you that submit Painties). Original submission cost is 500 FD, additional copies of your Vista can then be ordered by you, at any time, for 100 FD per copy. So you can make something nice just for yourself, gifts for your friends, or just something fun to sell to other users! Enjoy the new feature guys, we’re excited to see you all expressing your individuality out there on the forums!

*We are aware that there are concerns about the ability to block custom vistas and we will be looking into adding that in the near future.*

Chibi Villagers

And the last bit of news is particularly adorable, we have decided to offer up Chibi Villagers through the FD shop! Magic Stickers work just like our Magic Plushies to turn your Villagers into squishable, squeezable, huggable chibi versions of themselves, and once the magic has been used up you are left with a collectible Sticker item.


They are not the normal grayscale you are used to but you can find bases for these, to make Painties, in the normal FV Base Drive located here: Furvilla Gray-Scale Bases

Also, just to clarify, Chibi bases can only be used for Chibi Painties, they are considered Limited Bases and must be applied to a Villager to be used.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!



Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 11 Jul 2017, 9:00 pm


Hi all!

Just quickly stopping by to let you know about a few new additions.

Currently we have the new sparring grounds, where you can face off against special NPCs, some of which drop their own personalised equipment! This is available to all warriors above level 10.

Additionally, there's the Novice Sparring Grounds for lower leveled warriors, which can be accessed at level 1. The opponents here are easier to defeat, but will only drop tokens and food.

These challengers will only be hanging around until July 18, 11:59 PM Furvilla time
They will likely make a return in the future, though!

Additionally, Quetzal Palace has a new explorer event (thanks to MOD-Thaleia!) This event is primarily a source of warrior crafting materials, and shares its occurrence chance with the old event.

Finally, I'd like to open a discussion on upgrading items here!


June Contest Winners!

Posted by Staff on 10 Jul 2017, 7:32 pm


Hello again everyone, time to show off some winning contest entries!

June Paintie Contest

Thanks to all of you that participated in the contest, there were lots of fun entries, you made it very hard for our judges to pick just 5! Below are the winning entries, congratulations to all of the winners!

Entry by Cute #14945


Entry by Goji #3941


Entry by Nudibranch #82832


Entry by Zori #27131


Entry by Sangria #84018


June Decoration Contest

-Humane #30435 Wubbadubdub

-ShortyLynnChaos #346 KaNala

-Oliver_Woolfe #34957 Oliver

-Demyx #28780 Luigi

-TavixTheDragon #69678 Tavix

June Villager Profile Contest

-Ammoth #7924 Sequoia

-Lupin #71059 Professor Hosta

-Ultron #37474 Cosmo

*Painties have been uploaded and prizes will be sent out very soon! If you are one of the above winners please PM Admin-Mat with your FD Pet Box choices (options are the boxes currently available in the FD shop).*

And please remember to take a look at the news post below this one for more important info!



Registration fixed!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 10 Jul 2017, 5:05 pm


Registration has been fixed, as well as the IP queue! However we are still looking for a developer. The good news is, there have been a number of good prospects that have e-mailed us, and one in particular looks like a great fit for Furvilla. Let's definitely hope it pans out well!

In the meantime, what kind of rewards would you like to see for the referral page? Once we get a new developer on board, we can get back on track with the changes we have planned to make. The referral page's rewards is one of those places where we want to add a little extra polish and attention.


Seeking Programming Talent

Posted by Staff on 7 Jul 2017, 2:00 pm


We come to you today with the unfortunate news that our developer has been missing since the server move in June. We know that some of you have been waiting for a fix to the daily streak, and many prospective players have e-mailed us expressing concern over being unable to join the game, but we have not been able to fix these problems without the aid of a developer. It appears at this time we must accept the inevitability of finding another programmer.

Until we are able to find a new programmer, the Oceandome event is on indefinite hiatus. Our focus right now is going to be finding a developer who can fix the registration bug and fix the IP queue (which was unfortunately damaged during the server move as well). At that point, we can address the daily streak and start thinking about the Oceandome event again, as all of the documents for the event are planned out and much of the content is ready, we simply need the programming to go forward with our plans.

This lack of programming staff has thrown a big wrench into all of our planned changes, so please bear with us while we try to find someone who can appropriately tend to our codebase. As you may guess, Furvilla is a very large and complex site. As such, we have to be vigilant with who we hire to ensure their skill level matches the demands of the codebase.

That said, if you are a programmer familiar with PHP and the Laravel framework and are interested in becoming a Furvilla developer, please contact us with your portfolio at [email protected]

We hope to find a new developer soon so we can get back on track. We'll let everyone know when we've found a good match!

NOTE: The Oceandome Event is NOT BEING CANCELLED, the Event is simply being POSTPONED.


July Is Here!

Posted by Staff on 1 Jul 2017, 3:01 pm


Let me just start by saying Happy Birthday to the Furvilla Beta Open, can you all believe it’s been a year already?! We’ve had a lot of ups and downs but all in all I think we’ve had a lot of fun and we’re hoping to continue on this wild ride with all you amazing folks!

And with that said, now it’s that time, the first of the new month! And I am here again with some new goodies for you all!

New Minipets

The July FD Pets are here! Let's see what critters we have for the month of July...And I am sure you have noticed that there are only 3 new cuties joining us this month instead of 5, this is a permanent change. We hope that this will make things a bit more manageable for all you collectors out there. Now, onto the Minipets!


First, for those that love a pet that also doubles as an armoured ball we have Armaburlos!


The Birbodile is here! Who doesn’t love a pet that chomps and flies...


Their namesakes may be big but these guys sure aren’t...Let’s welcome the flittery, fluttery Draorse!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cooldowns and are available for breeding until August 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

July Contests

July Villager Profile Contest

July Paintie Contest

July Home Decor Contest

All prizes for June contests will be handed out soon.

Quick Announcements

-Please check out the thread for cross site trading for recent updates, you will have 1 week to alter any threads that do not comply with the changes.
Cross Site Trading

-The Super Happy Fun Wheel, Rasui Event, and Plushies in Battle are going to be retired in the next few hours. But we are hoping to replace them with something new asap so look out for that!

Alright guys, thanks for hanging in there, I hope you enjoy our fun new additions!


A Few Pesky Bugs

Posted by Staff on 24 Jun 2017, 3:08 pm


Hello everyone, I really wish I was here with something fun and exciting for you today but just stopping in for a quick update.

We are still having some issues related to the Server move that we made recently and we are working to get them resolved as soon as we can but unfortunately it seems to be slow going at the moment. We appreciate your patience and the reports, we have seen them and are doing our very best! Please try not to worry too much if you have not received a reply on your particular report yet as we are getting quite a lot of them in every day, but please know that we are reading and checking into every one.

And as one of our biggest issues seems to be errors in using the Contact Us system you can find emails below to direct contact the staff.

- [email protected] will get you to Admin-Deinmaar for issues involving general community experience and your account such as bans, infractions, account info, ect.
- [email protected] will get you general support assistance and is the proper place to send suggestion emails as well.
- [email protected] will get you to Admin-Mat for any Paintie related issues you may be having.

Please be sure to label your messages clearly in the subject, and don't worry too much about possibly sending to the wrong email, we can always forward them to the correct department if something ends up misplaced.

We apologize that all this seems to be taking so long and hope that you can be patient with us for just a bit longer.

Thank you,
Furvilla Staff


Helper Deactivation

Posted by Deinmaar on 19 Jun 2017, 12:28 am


Hey all! Admin-Deinmaar here!

I have an unfortunate announcement today. I will be deactivating all Helper statuses. As great as I know that role has the potential to be, we've had a lot of unfortunate issues involving Helpers, as I don't think the responsibilities for the role were completely understood. I've avoided adding new Helpers while I tried to restructure, but it seems that it's going to take longer than anticipated. For those that are still interested, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the restructure. I will eventually be opening up actual applications for the new Helper status, and I will expect any new Helpers to follow all rules applied to the position.

All Helpers statuses should be reset by this time. If you see any I missed, please be sure to send me a PM! My apologies to all my Helpers!