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August Is Here + FD Bonus Sale!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Aug 2018, 3:41 pm


August is here so it's time for some new monthly goodies! Now let’s kick off this News post right and check out the new Minipets!

New Minipets

The August FD Pets are here! Let's check out what we have for this month...


First up we’ve got the Dobhar-Chu! Playful little water loving friends to enjoy the end of summer with!


Please, oh please throw the stick for the Labrador!


And last, but definitely not least...Let’s welcome the ethereal Kelpie!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until September 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

August Feast Minipets



We will be having a flash FD Sale for the next week (August 1st-August 7th) so be sure to take advantage of those bonuses! FD received with your purchase includes a 25% bonus on top of the normal bonuses!

If you purchased FD on August 1st before this news was posted then please PM Admin-Mat!

Coming Soon!

-We will be releasing our new Plantimal (growable minipets) Feature very soon so please be on the lookout for a News post about this fun new monthly addition!

-August is Oceandome Festival month, we’re looking to get things started up on the 17th just like last year but if there ends up being any delays we will definitely post some news to let you all know, but in the meantime, let’s get excited about treasure hunting!

-A Vista making contest will also be starting in the next week or so, so watch for that little News Flash as well!

Happy August Everyone!


Beep Boop! Coding Corner!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Jul 2018, 5:56 pm


Hello everyone, just have a couple quick announcements for you this afternoon!

Updates For July 28 2018:

1. Notes for user blocks (these will only be visible to the user that has done the blocking, they are for your personal records).

2. Currency transfers can now be cancelled, and must be accepted/declined by the receiving party.

3. All three Shifty-type villagers will now have Shifty listed as their "Genus" instead of species, and users can set custom species & color in their Shifty's villager settings.

4. Recycle Shop stock sorting and pagination (Keepsake and Outfit items now have their own tabs to help prevent a bit of the clutter).

Coding is also just about done for our new Grow-able Mini Pet feature so things look to be on schedule for release sometime on August 1st (after a bit more quick testing)!


And a big thanks to Xyumika for all the hard work!


It's... more Helper time!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 20 Jul 2018, 3:38 pm


Hi everyone!

This is just a quick announcement!

Today is Friday and the last set of Helpers have been chosen! Thank you everyone for applying! I got so many applications sitting in my inbox. And a special thanks to the MOD team for helping me sort through all the applications to figure out my Helper team!

Our last set of helpers are:

Helper Applications are now officially closed!

Helper Forums
With the new Helpers also comes the new section in the forums, Helper Central! It’s a wonderful area for new and regular players! In this area you can find guide and seek help. For our new players, you can introduce yourselves as well into the community. There is also a section for each one of our helpers to introduce themselves so you can get comfy with who they are! Lastly, the Adopt Me section is for users who specifically want a guide as they get adjusted into our game.

I’m gonna go fishing now!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*MOD-Cari*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


It's Helper Time!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 18 Jul 2018, 8:20 pm


Hi everyone!

It’s me again, Cari! That news about Warriors and Coding shenanigans can go away, because I have more exciting news.

I’m announcing the first set of helpers. So here we go!

The Official Furvilla Helpers!

This does not mean Helper Applications are closed! If you sent in an application and aren’t on the list, don’t worry just yet! We may still accept you. This is also a reminder to send in an application before Friday if you are interested in becoming a helper. The details and application can be found in this previous news post.

Okay I’m gonna take a nap now.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*MOD-Cari*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


The Coding Corner!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 18 Jul 2018, 6:21 pm


Just popping in for a moment to announce a few things that have been going on behind the scenes!

Updates For Today:

1. Herbalist costume buff now properly states 20% buff instead of 5% buff. (it was always giving the 20% buff, there was just an inconsistency in the text that we have now corrected).

2. Updating your forums settings should no longer prevent you from making forums posts for the 1 minute cool-down.

3. Feasts should now show their correct dates, so previous issues shouldn't happen with them anymore, and they'll show the correct pets on previous feasts.

4. Quickstock now properly says "Menagerie" instead of "Stables" when moving to menagerie.

5. The Upgrade Gallery button should no longer stick when closing the Upgrade window and then going to add items.

6. Stall search now has a checkbox to hide expired foods. (unfortunately with the way items are set up in the database, checking this box while searching for other item types may result in some items being hidden. So please be sure to only use this function when searching for Food)

7. Chester's Hat now shows hours for the cool-down instead of just the days, and the glitch that allowed the hat to opened multiple times has been fixed.

We'll have more updates on July 28th, so the site will go down for some time at 4pm FV Time to begin that process.

Big thanks to Xyumika for the fixes and updates!


Oh no, another warrior mini-event!

Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 18 Jul 2018, 2:24 am


Hey all! Things were a little quiet lately, so I quickly put together a little event for you all - it's a bit of an experiment as well!

Unlike previous battlegrounds, this one isn't split up into tiers - instead, there's several difficulties of opponents all in one. This should mean that you'll get the most effective return if you can beat all opponents, but you can still participate in some capacity if your warrior isn't up to scruff. That said, while there's no level requirement for the battleground itself, you'll still want some reasonable equipment to be competitive there.

I expect some changes to happen over the next couple days - so don't get too frustrated if the battleground isn't perfectly balanced, post feedback but please be a little patient - we don't have a testing crew here!

For the above reason, there's no fixed end-date for the mini-event as of yet; I'd like to make sure players have a reasonable chance to collect the Oasis Water they need before the event ends.

We should have some information regarding non-warrior related content soon! Thanks again for your patience & have fun!


It's News Time!!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 13 Jul 2018, 5:14 pm


Hi everyone, it’s me, Cari!

I have a few things to announce today! So let me just grab the microphone real quick….

Alright! First things first!

Rules Update
The rules have been updated. I repeat, they have been updated! Please be sure to look over the rules after reading this news post, or maybe read it right now and then come back later to read the rest of the news post (please come back, I have some awesome news.)

To give you a quick idea of what has been done to the rules: We have adjusted a few rules and added a new one about sales threads.

Now that’s that, coming up in my wonderful news post is something I’ve been hashing out ideas for for sometime. I’m bringing back Furvilla Helpers!

Now, you might be saying:” But Cari! Helpers didn’t work out last time!” Here’s where I’m going to try to prove you wrong:

Furvilla Helpers
The new versions of Furvilla Helpers will be Community Leaders of some sort. They are here to help guide new users around the game and ease them into the community. There are going to be rules and expectations I will have for my helpers. This doesn’t mean regular players can’t help out new players as well.

First off, I will be checking a few things from everyone who applies, this includes forum activity, bans or warnings and blocklists. I do want to add in you should have a relatively short blocklist if you are going to be a helper. This is because you are working for the community now.

Second, I will need each person looking to apply to fill out a form:

Reasons for becoming a Helper:
What can you provide?:
Any past experience?:
Can you work with a team?:

Do NOT send it to anyone else but to my moderator account, MOD-Cari . If you send it to anyone else but me, I will not be accepting it.
To add, I am 100% expecting you to work as a team. To do so, we will be using an off site chat to communicate with each other. Once I approve you to be a helper, you will be given a link to the Discord server. There will be rules set up there as well and additional rules to follow on Furvilla itself. And before I forget, I will also be expecting you to know the rules almost as well as I do.

Okay! I think that should be all for my Helpers! To note, I will be the one handling helpers from now on. Any questions or concerns about helpers, please message me at my moderator account, MOD-Cari !

I will officially pick Helpers next Friday, July 20.

Forums Update!!
Next up: the forums are under construction! You can still of course access them however, if your thread goes missing during this time, please contact a moderator about it so we can retrieve it for you!

The Traveler

The Traveler wanted me to say something? I may have been paid a shiny rock to let everyone know that he is open for business. Check out the Traveler’s thread here.

Thanks everyone for sticking around this long!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*MOD-Cari*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Button, Button, Who's Got the Button...

Posted by Admin-Mat on 2 Jul 2018, 4:01 pm


Look, Buttons! You can find the new stock below in the Recycle Shop for 350 Fur Gems (except the Genderflux Pride Button which is 250)!




Summer Extinction Fun!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Jul 2018, 2:38 pm


July is here and you know what that means, it's time for some new monthly goodies! We do have a bit of a random theme this month, I hope you all like the new Minipets!

New Minipets

The July FD Pets are here! Let's check out what we have for this month...


First up we’ve got Kapros! Not as scary as they look...Really, we swear!


Like cow sized pets that aren't cows? Enjoy the Mini-Mammoth!


And last, but definitely not least...Let’s welcome the (very comfy looking) Parasnore!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until August 1st, when a new batch of FD Monthlies will be released.

Happy July Everyone!



Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 22 Jun 2018, 10:29 pm


Hi all - just clarifying some of the new changes.

First of all, all village-exclusive exploration events have been improved to have better yields, and will very rarely cause you to lose exploration charges.

Secondly, many of the legendary items now require significantly less materials to craft.

Thirdly, there's some new stock in the valour shop - of particular note is the new item:

With this, you can send trades with NPC-Traveler - He'll have a thread posted for this tomorrow with the rates of exchange. Note that you'll need two tickets if you want to expedite your upgrade.

Finally, due to feed back the Mystery Kitsune Bag has been updated and is now purchasable.

For a more in-depth list of changes, please refer to the change log!