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User ID: #1013
Username: Lookalike
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:04 pm

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good boy

Avatar drew by S4INTS

Villagers 22

Comments 106

    • Thanks for the pumpkin! ;w;

    • I see no harm in that!!!! Course you can!! <33

    • lmao i just noticed i only registered 3 days after you and yet my id is 5 digits lmao what a rush

    • Thank you so so much!! It took foreeeever to code!

    • hey! I'm new here, and all your furrys Look so awesome!!!!

    • I'm a little late on this but thank you for your comment on my villager Raphaela <3

    • Thank you! ^-^

    • You're welcome ^-

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