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Username: CyanideRexashka
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Registered: 24 Jul 2017, 9:08 pm

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8t1FA.gif spare any clicks?
Trying to get 1-10 in the feast this month! Any help would be appreciated!

Proud owner of Hadal (Named after the Hadal Zone) the Abyssal Squeeb! (Made by RadioactiveAcid.)

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    • Hi I noticed your forum signature and I just wanted to say if you're ever worried about dragons dying there are lots of different click sites you can use that basically guarantee they won't die! I personally use Allure of Neglected Dragons but there's more than that one and they're all free :) Hope this isn't weird LMAO I just know it sucks to have eggs/hatchlings die! Have a good day!

    • Thank you so much so the male kirin. QuQ

    • Thank you for the trade!

    • Thank you!!!

    • saaaame.

    • He's actually a demon that can take shape of anything he really wants to. His true form can tower easily over a mountain and really no one wants their living room destroyed. So the form people usually see him in is at least large enough to not be /too/ uncomfortable lmao

    • oui! The jerk has been with me for about 3-4 years now and thank you!

    • Sugar Hype's painite and overall creation is of my own design! c: He's basically one of my webcomic characters lol

    • ((Hid your comment accidentally shit))
      *sLaPs WiTh GlOvE oF dIsSaPoInTmEnT!1!*

    • Lmao I just saw your signature
      I haave slapped you with disappointment aandd wll do it agai

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