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User ID: #103269
Username: WaveringHeart
Gender: Exhausted
Last Online: 24 Feb 2020, 11:52 pm
Registered: 18 Aug 2017, 2:54 pm

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Villager careers for when i change them during events;
Venus - blacksmith
Pigeon - crafter
Linnaeus - explorer
Kallan - explorer
Roilei - explorer
Lorelei - warrior
Siphull - herbalist
Wavering - tailor
Psiasam - Animal husbandry
Pan - alchemist


I just... Need coffee, okay?

Name's Nancy, I'm tired all the time, run off being busy 24/7 and am trying to get my scyllas more traffic (siphull). I'm gay, furry, trash with a passion for foxes and making things.
Planning on making a coffee maker out of lightbulbs (I'll start a forum for that eventually).
I'm otherkin, akvolan to be exact (hard to explain) but to put it simply; a semi-aquatic shapeshifter. I also enjoy things like;

My scyllas are a closed species, but the base to make your own is only $1 so just start a pm if you want one, I'll link my paypal. If you want me to do a paintie, I'm gonna need $0.10 befoew i start because i don't truat myself enough to do redraws on my phone. No fee if it's only a redraw. My drawing tablet cord is missing and so is my computer charger.

I'm usually open to chat so just pm me if you wanna talk about stuff; it can be about anything. I also have social media if you wanna follow those, just pm me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, i don't bite. I just don't publicly share answers so PLEASE pm me.

19 (July 4) || ♋Cancer♋ || pansexual|| furry || otherkin || artist

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    • Thank you very much. <3 ;w; It's difficult to deal with them, when its both my family and his family that refuse to own up to things.

    • All up to you dearie. I just like sharing equips where I can! <3 Repayment is never necessary when it comes to me.

    • *Cattle prods out her evil character.* xD You're welcome to doodle this cranky fella if you'd like: http://www.furvilla.com/villager/33770
      He's blind and has two sets of eyes. Feral form drawings of him are tops just cause he's naturally a feral. <3

    • OH NO!!!! I am so sorry! I have no idea when it's going to be done. I have yet to hear anything besides 'send us a screenshot to verify you paid us'. As soon as it's done, I'll send you a message!

    • Know the feeling; if I ever see one, I'll be risking it too asap to try and get one myself xD

    • Know the feeling~ I managed to find a card-sharps, but now have no idea how long it's going to take me to find a crying knife, or the ray gun.... The knife you either get from mimics, or from an event in OFB.... and the ray gun you can only get if you don't flip over a yellow card... I haven't even seen a yellow card in months T__T

    • lol XD No worries~ The list is pretty long right now, and I know after the serpents event they wanted to take a bit of a breather. They'll come in time, we just have to wait~ But now I'm waiting on a whole load of equipment to come in the next few waves of customs~! XD

    • Sadly, I only know that Shroomy is doing some of the new art, Wisteria mainly helps with the warrior stuff, and Mat does a lot of the heavy lifting in the background.... And I think "Koafox" is the current programmer?... Besides that, I know very little about what goes on..... Especially outside of warrior stuff XD

    • Are we free to make our own Pangolins?

    • That Monarch Pangolin is gorgeous!

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