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User ID: #103269
Username: WaveringHeart
Gender: Exhausted
Last Online: 24 Feb 2020, 11:52 pm
Registered: 18 Aug 2017, 2:54 pm

Profile description

Villager careers for when i change them during events;
Venus - blacksmith
Pigeon - crafter
Linnaeus - explorer
Kallan - explorer
Roilei - explorer
Lorelei - warrior
Siphull - herbalist
Wavering - tailor
Psiasam - Animal husbandry
Pan - alchemist


I just... Need coffee, okay?

Name's Nancy, I'm tired all the time, run off being busy 24/7 and am trying to get my scyllas more traffic (siphull). I'm gay, furry, trash with a passion for foxes and making things.
Planning on making a coffee maker out of lightbulbs (I'll start a forum for that eventually).
I'm otherkin, akvolan to be exact (hard to explain) but to put it simply; a semi-aquatic shapeshifter. I also enjoy things like;

My scyllas are a closed species, but the base to make your own is only $1 so just start a pm if you want one, I'll link my paypal. If you want me to do a paintie, I'm gonna need $0.10 befoew i start because i don't truat myself enough to do redraws on my phone. No fee if it's only a redraw. My drawing tablet cord is missing and so is my computer charger.

I'm usually open to chat so just pm me if you wanna talk about stuff; it can be about anything. I also have social media if you wanna follow those, just pm me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, i don't bite. I just don't publicly share answers so PLEASE pm me.

19 (July 4) || ♋Cancer♋ || pansexual|| furry || otherkin || artist

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    • I can't accept the item transfer, it doesn't let me!

    • Cause you're heckin' cool and i don't want all your jack o lanterns to get smashed ;0;


    • ty for candys ^^

    • Thanks for all the candy aaaa~!

    • Ooo candy, thank you!

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