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Username: eeveekid
Gender: Male
Last Online: 5 Jul 2019, 7:56 pm
Registered: 2 Sep 2017, 3:23 am

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hello, my name is Eevee and i am here to protect and save the ones that I call "the lost ones" and bring them to my house in the Quetzal Palace village that would be called "the house of the found" right now there are only two members of this house that I found both at the same time in a far away dark and shadowy place that has no name where they were running from an unnamed dangerous monster I was able to destroy the monster and bring these two to my house and their names were "Veeon the Fox" and "Sky the Rabbit". Veeon is a calm and durable fox that likes to explore everything while Sky is a kind and hyper rabbit that loves everything about plants. I hope all of you would keep an eye on them while ill look for more lost ones but if you have any questions about "The Lost Ones" or "The House of the Found" I Am Sure Veeon or Sky Can Tell You. New lost one found: Calstine Loyal and Strong New Lost one found: Ace Independent and Helpful New Lost one found: Skoon kind and caring
New Lost One Found: Daraxe childish and artistic New Lost One Found: Lux Kind And Hardworking New Lost One Found: Selatice Knowledgeable and Determined New Lost One Found: Nezzy Cute and Strong New Lost One Found: Grayphox Cocky and Compassionate Last Lost One Found: Brax Compassionate and Hardworking

Special Lost one found: Spot The Rabbit Diver
Spot was lost at sea with its air tank running low on oxygen until I found them in the nick of time he says he is an explorer of sorts and somehow is already equated with sky but not Veeon that's strange to me because sky said she was friends with Veeon for a very long time I guess I have to look into this some more later.
Spot seems shy but curious

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    • You're very welcome. :p
      I agree; some aren't quite as pleasant...

    • no worries ! ^^ hope the event treats you well !! =]

    • I think you should definitely give the writing contest a try! It's worth the practice if nothing else, and it's wonderful to see other writers here!

    • Nice description there =o

    • Hello ! I saw your comment and i thought it will by nice to be friend with you newcomer, my name is Stella nice to met you ! ( ^-^ )

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