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User ID: #104541
Username: xxShadowJackalxx
Gender: Female
Last Online: 4 Jul 2018, 12:00 pm
Registered: 10 Sep 2017, 5:11 pm

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My ToyHou.se
My PWYW Art Shop!
☆ Shadow / Jack / SJ | Female | ID 104541 | INFP-T | +1:00 FV Time ☆
Please always ping me!

Also very single, not that I'm looking or anything, but I feel obligated to show the world how socially inept I am :'D


Gorgeous icon of my fursona, Zindra, by the amazing Betta

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    • Ahh thank you!! Beakybirds did a really good job on him, i just had to make him my icon :D

    • I have you added to the pinglist already haha-
      shading is still a bit confusing to me, lighting and such are hard to figure out so i just shade when necessary

    • ahh thank you!
      I will shade the icons if asked~

    • Really? If I would’ve known, I would’ve celebrated. A bit, heh! Hopefully Dustin will make more songs to truly intrigue our interests!

    • Thank you :D
      I purchased a commission for the GIF :)

    • Thanks for the lovely comment on Snickerdoodle! To answer your question, she's a Corgi, but a Sorcerer too-- the paintie artist spliced the Sorcerer Wolf/Canine base. :3

    • Hah, I found out this band a few years back on a chat. It started off as me liking “My Demons” but then it escalated quickly. Now I’m hooked. Hey, have you seen the Satellite remix? It came out just yesterday.

    • Hello! Sorry about the comments, I forgotten I had them off! They’ve been enabled once more. Anyway, I absolutely love Starset with my soul. My favourite song is Gravity of You, but I like any of their songs! It’s truly pleasant to see another fan, as well, so you weren’t a bother at all!

    • Daraen I saw you had comments disabled on your profile (or the CSS moved them somewhere else that I didn't see?), so I really don't mean to be a bother, but I just had to let you know that I saw you were a Starset fan... Dude. Omg, Starset is the best! Dark On Me is arguably my favorite. It's just so different from any of their other songs; so quiet, yet powerful. You can feel the emotion in it. ;w; (Also, the Let It Die: Maniac Agenda remix is some good stuff~)
      So, again, hope this wasn't a huge bother, but I had to let you know because I get so happy anytime I see another Starset fan. ^^

    • Would you ping me when your shop opens? Q w Q

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