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User ID: #104785
Username: Virtue_Mweor
Gender: trash
Last Online: 21 Dec 2019, 5:05 pm
Registered: 16 Sep 2017, 12:05 pm

Profile description

My friend's awesome art comms! :D
My Comms shop!
hehe not really ready to do comms--

what no i'm not asking you to draw my stupid dinosaur
i'm trash.
WE'RE trash.
You can refer to me as a she or a they (If you recognize that we are plural :) )
Time zone is American EST.
Also i can forget things a lot and get overwhelmed with tending to my children-friends and school crap.


My fandoms include but are not limited to (Most prominently Undertale!)
Cuphead (Haven't played the game yet but i study the ways >_>)
Guild Wars Two
And characters from these locations scatter about everywhere and heck you can find us on Minecraft.

I'm, ah, let's just say TRYING to be a Christian but I have odd beliefs about it.
(don't worry i won't hurt you :') i'm afraid of arguments)
I'm straight and taken.
To whom?
A fictional character
not sans
(he's like a brother to me)
Oceantale floe.
Scroll on my wayward child.
You saw nothing.

Loves sentient plants,
Flowey/An Au?
Yes. Childs. Protect them.
Both in one? YeS.
Yes, he is also my baby.

I do not tolerate hate comments and will try my best not to distribute them myself.

I have Autism and ADHD.
I am in high school and drowning in it.
15 years old.

Oh, and i'm overly friendly and like to either spew cultural references or be verbose, as well as mom-friend people.
You can find some of my friends here! Check them out!
They are all very special to me, and so are you!
Yes, you.
The person reading this.
I mom friend everyone i meet and I will mom-friend you too.
PM me if you want some internet hugs. <3

Buy our birds, maybe?
I Sell 1 Dollar/100 FD painties!


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    • So you know that one GIF about your characters with bokkses? I still find it funny to this day. XP (I found it in thread "What animal is your main fursona?")

    • ORANG NO

    • orang no

    • Razz I'm Virtue?
      Might be a lot of me, but i haven't been with my kitties in so long.
      I have 300+ and love them all too much to throw away...
      i couldn't keep up ._.

    • I've been sitting here trying to figure out which mweorian you are cause I haven't seen any other mweorians here, everyone on mweor says that furvilla's died

    • hahahahaha xD i get it

    • i saw your post on the childhood memories thread

      it's time to start obsessing over the show about lego ninjas again
      season 8 airing in less than a month
      everything is gonna get
      lloyd's gonna be tested at the very ends of the emotional spectrum
      so uh

      go watch it. if you watched 5-6 seasons but don't remember much, i recommend you watch ninjago:decoded to recap

    • i wish i could but no............ ᕙ(◕ᗜ◕)ᕗ srry

    • your signature gif is so cute!

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