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User ID: #105056
Username: Joey-wyvern
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Jul 2020, 5:51 pm
Registered: 22 Sep 2017, 8:39 pm

Profile description

welcome to the wandering wyvern caravan. Sometimes we may settle down in some places longer than others, this is due to the fact that this group is subject to the whim of the "leader". The wyvern that drags this group around. fear not she is not pulling all these moving homes alone, her subordinates (other wyverns) and her mates help ease the burden

As for me, you don't need to know much, other than I have some say over the wyvern's finances and who gets pulled into the group. As of now I will not accept random friend requests. If we have not interacted I will deny
current goals:
stop getting distracted and actually start drawing again
obtain much currency, many monies. millions!
buy art and items with said monies
hoard monies again
breed minipets
collect plush
participate in festivals/events
scream into the void daily
to buy:
2 gembound potions/ 1 potion and 1 magic blue topaz plush
1 chibi manokit sticker
magic heart gems
non magic elite heart gem
bannapop's peaches and bugs vista (for Peaches, Joey and Tuna)
my happiness back

anti Wi-Fi shenanigans have been resolved... mostly

i really like bats. Sometimes I call bats "sky puppies".
use whatever pronoun you want to call me I don't care.
For my villagers and my profile, I used code parts from http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/87182-css-snippets-misc
Still a work in process as I have no idea how coding works

look at these teeth!

Villagers 20

Comments 126

    • Just wondering, what was the currency transfer for? :)

    • Thanks for the costume and running the raffle!

    • Thank you for the costume! Also, thank you for running the raffle!

    • Thanks for the costume, it grr-eally made my day. (I'm sorry, that came off the top of my head) ^^

    • Gosh dangit I forgot it was April Fools. My inventory is being flooded with SOUP. I mean, never forget soupocalypse, never ever,

    • Yeah. Hopefully if I ever get some FD, I can turn one of my ice dergs into a galaxy! Or just buy a new one because I don't want to lose the pair.

    • Trust me, I splurged on a bunch of females in an attempt to get a galaxy (no luck with that unfortunately), so I have an abundance of reds. So much so that I'll probably need to sell, like, a whole bunch of them. I only have 3 icy wyverns, 2 females and a male, so I'll send over the spare female.

    • The tiny wyverns shall never be cast aside! And as predicted, I have procured a total of 3 icy wyverns from this escapade. Let me know if you want one so I can send them right on over!

    • Hehe yeah. Once it took my friend almost half an hour to log in, so it might be connecting as it is a huge server with lots of people.

    • Honestly, it always takes forever. Might not be the computers fault

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