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User ID: #106240
Username: TropicalMew
Gender: Cat
Last Online: 24 Oct 2019, 6:08 pm
Registered: 20 Oct 2017, 2:22 am

Profile description

Welcome to the land of fluffy cats

Wishlist ::
  • 66-steampunk-costume.png
  • 3472-leo-zodiac-plushie.png
  • 1585-paintie-ten-pack.png
  • 3117-cloud-cat-vista.png
  • 2349-magic-calico-sticker.png

If i get any of these you will get put on the special furries list with ping :D

Special furries list ::::
::: bluewail Thatgreengal62 xarazura Ailyria @aibreannph Anonymous

This isn't begging! It's just being thankful :3


Okay, so i am go through some rough times rn and won't be on much i am really sad too

Villagers 10

Comments 41

    • oh I didn't see that XD

    • ok I am not, not being thankful but why did you randomly send me 5fd I am just confused XD

    • Okay, take your time :>

    • Hey! Don't forget to accept the villager transfer ^^ Just a friendly reminder!

    • I think your inventory is too full for me to accept the trade right now :,0 do you wanna clear some space and lmk when to accept? c:

    • It reminds me of the pokemon Mew (The tropical variation)

    • Also, is your username about pokemon?

    • I love black cats aswell! I love any cats really! I saw a black cat and it looked so fuzzy. I want to pet every cat I see lol.

    • h e n lo

      i thought your username was mine :')

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