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User ID: #106547
Username: candycorncanine
Gender: FTM Tansgender
Last Online: 29 Aug 2018, 12:36 pm
Registered: 25 Oct 2017, 3:15 pm

Profile description

owo what's this?
Another Furvilla user?

Just call me Howl. I'm FTM transgender, very gay,
and loving my long-term long-distance relationship right now.

Ping me if you want my attention.

My Fur Affinity is candycorncanine
You should check it out if you're interested in that kind of thing.
You'll probably find a lot of my fursona, Howl.

My Toyhouse is candycorncanine
I have my characters there, but I still have yet to do more than that.

time for another hiatus...

Villagers 19

Comments 12

    • Oh hey I just realize our trade never got accepted, can you accept it now?
      (Its the one with pets from the Halloween event)

    • Daisy n Mellona boop ya back

    • all ya villagers are big cuties id smooch. damn it

    • lol its ok! i also just woke up a bit ago. but thank you, im glad you think so! :3c

    • ah my fursona is my villager atilla, her toyhouse is linked on her page if you want to take a look at it!

    • i just wanted to say i think your sona is really cute and well designed! :3

    • I don't mind doing this for you!! But can you message me with the title pets so I remember to do this? :) I'm on my phone so it's stressful to buy and trade and stuff on my phone ;_;

    • (>O^O )> AAA; Thank you so much <33
      That was a really sweet gesture which made me feel warm and fuzzy!

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