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User ID: #10668
Username: A_Banana
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 14 Jun 2018, 9:35 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:38 pm

Profile description

I like dinosaurs and monsters. I draw things sometimes.
I play secondlife and I make 3D things.

I have reptiles. They are named after food.

If I don't accept your friend request don't take it to heart. I take a while to warm up to new peeps!

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    • Wow, so many reptiles. I'm jealous.

      I now have 3 rats, but I want a reptile and a cat, too. I've been thinking about getting a bearded lizard or a small snake. My bf wants frogs. He hated my scorpion, but still took care of him when I was on a vacation. I think he secretly liked him. :D

    • Thank you! That paintie was done by lovely Khaos. c:
      And now I'm intrigued, what reptiles do you have? I love reptiles and I'm thinking of getting one soon since my scorpion died a while ago and now I have a empty terrarium.

    • uwu Thank you. Maybe I'd upload a picture sometime. I kind of worry telling the story will upset someone. So I at least trigger warning posted.

    • best username love banana

    • Thank you so very much!

    • Thank you so much for your comment on Luna, I love your villagers too!

    • Thanks for the comment on Umbra!! And I love your painties!

    • Thank you for the nice comment on Harper! ^^ I'm glad you like her colors!

    • Thanks for the comment on golden claw ^_^. That took forever to draw lol

    • Your username remembers me of a creepy video ; v ;


      By the way, Rav is the coolest wickerbeast I ever had seen! >:0

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