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Username: arbitraryabsurdity
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Last Online: 24 May 2020, 2:10 am
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I adopted Verixpa !!!

*steph was here*

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    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment on Vani! I actually didn't make this design for her, ferrousDraconis did! The way she looked before (when I drew her) wasn't nearly as pretty, believe me, character design is not my forte<3

    • i just wanted to thank you for such sweet words ;;w;; they made me smile and just brightened my day you posted them, and today when i reread them. thank you ;; u ;; <333

    • Aw, that's sweet aaa. I wish both you and her luck for the next ones! I'll check your topic out once I'm free :) Cats are the best.

    • Holy crap, really? Send my lucks to your cat and her kiddies then! Hope she isn't too stressed out, do you know exactly when or has she already had them?

    • It's all right, I'm sure theres someone else out there selling some cool CSS!

    • Phew, I looked through their posts, but I believe they're not active anymore? I don't really know, I don't pay attention to the forums enough to know what's up hh. Rip. Oh well!

    • I'm a little exhausted, I have another week of work before I'm off for some nice vacation time ;w; (If they're selling codes I might check them out^^ Was it in-game currency or real money? If it's in-game I'm definitely gonna save up because aa)

    • (I'd kill for this CSS uwu) Hello, how do you do, friend?

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