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Username: arbitraryabsurdity
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Last Online: 25 Feb 2020, 11:47 pm
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I adopted Verixpa !!!

*steph was here*

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    • I knowww go thank puck she’s aaamaaazzzing

    • Hi my wonderful friend!! I really appreciate you and everything you do, thank you for being a part of my life

    • aaaa you're so sweet, thank you ;;o;; //// really though, it's just taking inspirations and merging them into your own product; I'm sure you can create awesome OCs and everything too!!

    • Aw, thank you!! ;v; I thought of him kind of randomly while I was at work. He's inspired by a few things, most notably Amaterasu/Okami and a little bit of fu dogs. His lore sort of fell into place as I developed him (traces of kitsune mythology, alongside Egyptian myths). And the simple answer: I like blue and I like tigers. And he's become what he is today! ♥

    • Fu is just my OC, I don't really think of him as a part of me or anything ;v; he's definitely one of my favourites though, so he gets the most attention lol

    • I'm not a very committed person but I got pretty far, y'know when nothing will make sense to an outsider?

    • when you say "good taste in webcomics" do you mean the fact that all the ones I read are gay af?

    • Also i did read the entire thing
      (Eridan is still the best no matter what he does)

    • ye, i heard about it in 2012 but never wanted to read it
      i chose the worst time to join the fandom
      when it was VERY dead

    • your page is so coooool
      Kars name is a reference to homestuck

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