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Username: thedragonlady24
Gender: Female
Registered: 7 Dec 2017, 9:22 pm

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Thedragonlady24|Lady|She/Her|Aro|Ace|Attempting artist|Dragon Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Thedragonlady24, but you can call me Lady! Im an aspiring artist who loves dragons and other fantasy creatures, and I have too many children oc's!

Wish List:
Sky coins and other tokens
10 point food
Pattern books from other villages and their materials
Shifty potion/recipe
Gembound potion
Other rare species potions/materials
Cotton flowers/seeds

Collecting species morphing potions to test on Daina
Also collecting gem raptor potions and raw gold pieces


Off to the end of the Great Serpent's tail, where the clouds start to be tinged pink, lies a small village where every festivity is taken seriously. The village has no official name, or at least one that is agreed upon by all of it's inhabitants, and is referred to as the Village of Celebrations.

Villagers 18

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