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User ID: #108830
Username: Artemysterious
Gender: Female
Registered: 15 Dec 2017, 5:40 pm

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A pretty black cockatiel bird sit in front of you singing
"One foot and then other,
Takin' steps towards my future,
Big smile on my face,
My back straight,
Ready to start,
uh oh ooh woah uh uh oh,
uh oh ooh woah uh uh oh,"
~ Artemysterious

comment a # I should add ^^
#EmotionalBS #Broken #Souless #Bored #Grumpy #Whiny #Petty #DramaQueen! #Mysteri #AttentionHog #ThatOneGirl #AnnoyingLittle... #GifterOnOccassion #Artist? #YummyxD #PrincessBossy #NoHeartsGiven #NoMunsHun

If I start lagging it's not my fault I'm loading.gif

loading x-x

Hi I draw and do painties occasionally in my free time but I'm going to college to be a Fashion Designer although my dream job is to be a fashion stylist because I'm not the most creative person x-x I love tweaking designs and dressing people up but creation is something I might never be good at T-T anyway hmu with a comment on my profile to ask if I have time for a free paintie.

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    • No one's commented on here for 2 months and 11 days, huh?

    • Thank you for the Dromedary Calf ^^

    • Everytime I read your username, I say, out loud, " Artemysterioos! " Cuz I watch WisteriaMoon... Which is bad, isn't it...

    • Thank you for your kind comment! I do paint them :D Digitally though! But the process is similar!

    • Congrats on 12 villagers. You still need to catch up! DX I have 23 villagers!

    • <3 <3 thank yo ufor the stable :D !!!!

    • I went and saw a star war... because someone sent me muns again thank you anonymous donor x-x

    • I consider you a friend and enjoy your company, and enjoy helping you and anyone I can (even if it's just on a game)

      Positivity and kindness is a dying trait, especially on the internet :(

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