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User ID: #109190
Username: WillowOfTheWisp
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Aug 2018, 4:29 am
Registered: 22 Dec 2017, 8:25 pm

Profile description

My name is Willow Hollow (pseudonym) I love animals and art atm I am doing free painties everything goes (unless against furvilla rules) If you want anything redrawn or clothes put on it I do request that I receive 50 FD once you are satisfied with the design otherwise recolors are free until I'm more established as a paintie artist.

I'm currently working on a group of radioactive rat painties with my sister so look forward to premades

Only example of my paintie/s so far^^

Paintie Tickets
Fur Cash
Fur Dollars
Any & All Costumes
Rainbow Pika ^^

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    • Sounds good :)

    • Aw why? I think it was fun, also sure? if you want

    • Also I love your name >w<

    • No worries! It's not like you're trace/copying or something silly like that. I'm sure they're of your own design. I'd love to see them though and buy one :D I appreciate the sentiment of you bothering to ask me though.

      Also if you're open to affiliate shops I'd be happy to affiliate with you and tell people about your species on mine whenever you're ready. :D Us artists gotta stick together. I hope your species does well!!!

    • Oh that was my original plan lol

    • The forum post about the fox tail made my day (cause i already saw a tail lol) and it's only 4:20 am lol

    • Sadly I'm Canadian and wasn't actually aware that was a thing. However now that I am, I love it!

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