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User ID: #110480
Username: Eirlili
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 4 Apr 2020, 5:02 pm
Registered: 25 Jan 2018, 1:14 pm

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Hello everyone, I'm Leodie, nice to meet you!

I live in France so I'm 7 hours ahead of Furvilla time.

I'm usually quite calm and a bit aloof when I don't know people due to my shyness, but I love every friends I have, and I'm much more warm and open with them, very affectionate even with a select few people. Most of them give me mother-related nicknames, including Lion Mama or Pokémom from those who know how I act toward my Pokémon, and I must say I'm quite happy being considered the mom friend. But they all agree I can be a bit silly at times and love making puns and jokes.

I love animals, books, anime, video games (especially Pokémon, Typhlosion is the best ♥), stuffed animals, music, dinosaurs and of course the furry fandom because I love how creative everyone is with their fursonas and everything else.

I'd like to make friends here so I accept all requests, I'm just usually too shy to send them myself.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a nice day!

PS: Please know that I can't understand how people can feel about what I say or the consequences of what I do/say, so I cannot know when I say something I shouldn't, and unless you clearly explain to me while being nice I'll never understand and feel extremely guilty. Just a heads-up if you're ever offended by something I say, it's completely unintentional.




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    • You're very welcome! <3

    • they get even funny if you imagine them making Minecraft villager grunts.

    • Blob fish always make me smile, they are just so funny looking

    • Thank you for the art of Cream Soda :)

    • You are unstoppable gurl, you really are xD

    • Ahh! Yes it is! I love LWA so much,, please talk to me about it. <333

    • Thank you so much for the gummi wickerbeasts ;; that's very kind of you ❤

    • Oooh you like them too? >v< It is a rather niche so I'm surprised haha. I hope you have a good day <3

    • Lmao thanks for the medicine bro!

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