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Heya! I'm Bloops, I like to doodle and write dumb little stories.
Trans male - Asexual - Taurus!

Current song I'm obsessed with: Nelly - Here Comes The Boom (Dekku Remix)

A random thing to giggle at (for Warrior Cats fans)


I'm down to RP - shoot me a message! I like group RPs but if it's an idea I find cool I could 1v1 as well. I also enjoy GM + Gamer (a 1v1 where one person is a character and the other person is the story creator, I really like creating stories for the other to interact in).


...I'll see you in the next one.
Proper story's supposed to start at the beginning. Ain't so simple with this one.
Memories don't always do you a lot of good. Remembering things, though. That's what's important.
The Country: She's all to pieces now, but still looking good.
The City: Its riches nothing but fragments now. The Calamity ravaged the city of Caeldonia, reducing so many priceless treasures down to dust.
The Conscience: We haven't lost everything long as we have that. The Calamity took everything from almost everyone. It took almost everything from everyone else.
The Valediction: Just another one of my sketches. Nothing more. A symbolic gesture at best, nonetheless the Memorial pays homage to the way things used to be.

The Sanctuary: If we can build... we can rebuild. Everything can be undone, even the greatest of ruin. But it must be undone one stone at a time.

The weather in The Bastion is often sunny, it rains or snows sometimes, but rarely ever does it storm. To the west lies a thick forest, ravines open to swallow adventurers whole and cliffs wait for unaware travelers. Caves dot sheer rock edges and large stone structures jut out from the treeline. Towards the east, the trees and cliffs fall away to expansive plains and endless seas. Soft grasses wave invitingly in the wind, flowering into rainbows every spring. Small fish dance under the surface of the water, past them lie colorful corals and pastel shells.
Between them sits a small town, not well known by any means. Wanderers pass through occasionally, rarely staying longer than it takes to stock up on supplies and get a warm meal. The houses are cobbled together with many different materials, faded signs hang on some doors and the villagers seem content.
A stranger will find friendly faces among most of the townfolk but feel the watchful eyes of the Marshals following them.

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