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User ID: #111606
Username: PepiTheFluff
Gender: Female
Last Online: 25 Sep 2020, 2:01 pm
Registered: 23 Feb 2018, 6:53 pm

Profile description

Hej there!
I’m still kind of new at this, even though I joined a couple years ago.. but I’m slowly getting there lol, I’m starting to really get a good handle on it!

Sometimes I get really panicky, and most of the time I’m very sensitive. Please refrain from making mean comments towards me, I might cry :(

Would you play with a space Rottweiler?


I would like to personally thank the people who has been sending me things anonymously, it means so much to me! <3
but it’s a such a bummer that I don’t know who you are :C

wishlist said:
magic plushies/stickers:
5955-magic-unicorn-canine-sticker.png3905-magic-spell-caster-saggitari-sticke 5304-magic-dress-up-bee-sticker.png 5399-magic-blue-topaz-gem-raptor-sticker
2620-magic-sailor-otter-mustelid-plush.p 1702-magic-dressy-mustelid-plush.png 1708-magic-cloudy-owl-plush.png 3128-magic-gala-prince-dutch-angel-drago 3675-magic-leviathan-velociraptor-plush. 2213-magic-queen-bee-plush.png 3393-magic-noble-leodon-plush.png 3390-magic-basilisk-chicken-plush.png

1776-white-furred-sneep.png 1778-spotted-sneep.png 1777-brown-furred-sneep.png 1779-rainbow-sneep.png 4247-dancing-jumping-spider.png 5393-gilded-emerald-baublin.png 5392-opal-baublin.png 5390-star-sapphire-baublin.png 5391-watermelon-tourmaline-baublin.png 4000-crystal-guardian-gemlin.png 3998-sugar-sparkle-gemlin.png 3999-summer-meadow-gemlin.png 3997-sunny-skies-gemlin.png


1694-magic-quetzalcoatl-snake-plush.png 1700-magic-feathered-dragon-plush.png 1692-magic-feathered-big-cat-plush.png 1442-magical-scarf-rabbit-plush.png 1430-magical-snowflake-big-cat-plush.png 5379-magic-lilac-rose-gembound-plush.png 3134-magic-gala-queen-snuffle-plush.png

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    • ooh, i'll check that out. i could always use gore and possible body horror

    • question, what is that little creature that fused with the guys arm in you signature from?

    • Ya its been like a year lols i saw your link to it and decided to play

    • omg thank you so much

    • i would like to play with the space rottweiler

    • O hello :0 I guess the the internet is a small world after all xD

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