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User ID: #111625
Username: junebugthetrainer
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 14 Apr 2020, 9:34 pm
Registered: 24 Feb 2018, 1:20 am

Profile description

~about me!~
--hey, im michael, your friendly neighborhood shitpost!
--they/them pronouns please, im nonbinary!
--i love to draw, play dnd, listen to good music, and get into fandoms with good characters and stories
--some fandoms im in- the adventure zone, monster factory, undertale/deltarune, harry potter, dear evan hansen, be more chill, heathers, homestuck/hiveswap/pesterquest, and too many others to mention???
--lots of my villagers dont have bios yet, but im working on it!!! promise!!!
--on my computer, my y key is broken hehe,,, so if iou see me talking without that kei with i in its place, thats whi that is!!!
--honestly if you wanna talk message me???? i like talking to people, and i dont bite!

~game stuff~
>Harley is usually open for repairs, at 1 fc per durability point. shes always happy to help a friend out, so dont be intimidated!!
>Apollo has way too many plants, so if you need any Dragonsmaw plants, just ask!
>Artemis always has spare potions and such, and can craft pretty much anything. if you want her to make you something, send me a message and the materials and ill be sure she gets you your potion!!

~wishlist (ish)~
-paintie tickets for webs, orion, and apollo!!!!
>2/3 tickets- thank you to lilactea!!!
-magic beach fun hyena plush!!
-toyhouse codes (3- one for me and my close friends aaa)

Villagers 26

Comments 9

    • Wow thanks for your purchase

    • Hey thank you so much for the kind comment!
      and Your just as cool!!!

    • f̷̢͉͎͕́͛̎


    • hI you'RE bETTER THAn mE?
      but thank you ;w;

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