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User ID: #117675
Username: AkaTheRedFox3
Gender: Female
Last Online: 20 Apr 2020, 7:37 pm
Registered: 16 Jul 2018, 7:21 pm

Profile description

A Fox Therian
Digital Pixel Artist, Traditional Artist
Loves Anime, Seiyuus
L O V E S Platinum Cross and Red Foxes
L O V e S Manokits
Birthday is on 8/9 (August 9th)
Likes Cinnamon apple tea

Villagers 9

Comments 12

    • Thank you for your purchases! Enjoy your festive villagers! <3

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Hi there! Im new to Furvilla and I am so confused how to edit my profile! can you help?

    • Nah, that wasn't me. Maybe they grabbed one of the ones I left in the Giving Tree and gave it to you? Happy Birthday anyway. :)

    • Thank you for the gift!! :DD I really appreciate it!!!

    • That's super cool, and thank you so much for the gift!! I already feel really welcome here :O

    • You're welcome! ;w; ya, I'm a domestic dog - more specifically, a bull-terrier mutt. :3 nice to meetcha!

    • Hallowed Potions are used to upgrade a mini-pet's rarity
      Common would be upgraded to Uncommon, Uncommon to Rare, Rare to Super Rare

      Hallowed Potions can be made via Alchemy, where they cost 100 Pumpkin Guts and 1000FD if i'm not mistaken. they cost FD to make instead of FC because of their function of "upgrading" mini-pets.

      let me know if that helped any!

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