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User ID: #12103
Username: Casper_Ringtail
Gender: Neutrois
Last Online: 8 Apr 2020, 1:53 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:41 pm

Profile description


My name is Casper
I'm a Canadian who's Stupid on Main.
I love to read, draw/paint and play video games.
I'm obsessed with dragons and cacti.
I love Overwatch, Five Nights at Freddy's and whatever my current fixation is.
Halloween is the best holiday and if you don't agree you can fite me (ง •̀_•́)ง
So many mini-pets, so little monies.

NNvnXrh.png uIE1tVd.png Sqz0hwl.png xSRsBu0.png
He/Him or They/Them
Enneagram Type 5 / INTP-T / Chaotic Neutral



Want something from my stall at a discount?
Everyone's entitled to a 5% discount if you desire one.
I also have items I have no idea how to price. You can feel free to make me an offer!


Don't be afraid to send me random friend requests!
I do swear I enjoy socializing, even if I don't respond back quickly.
I will never refuse a friend request!
(without an extremely good reason)


Enter group code 7WKEM6G6 to join my Furvilla group!

WISHLIST (for reference)

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1654-rainbow-cloud-cat.png 2965-abyssal-space-lobster.png 1642-water-aquaticat.png 3664-frilled-mighty-serpent.png 3227-boba-manatea.png 3919-cotton-candy-cowpuccino.png 3020-siamese-kitterpillar.png 4855-piebald-rodendrake.png 4872-mooleander-nightshine.png 5097-frutti-snoll.png

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    • No problem!! I just saw it kn your wishlist and thought you might like it. :)

    • Thanks for the ping. :) And I have to agree with you. Video games really do it for me. I love how things play out in game's cutscenes, and when done well, they do make you feel real feelings. I have to admit I've cried during a few, haha. You made some good points on it! My extremely close second/tied option would be musicals. I love being along right there, it's so... powerful, honestly. And the song! The effort, heart, and feeling poured into it... everything! Ah! So good.

    • ... Halloween is the best holiday.

    • Thanks for the gift and the kind wishes. :)

    • Not anymore. My mother is Canadian, and she's a terrible person. She's getting a divorce with my dad. If she wins, that means I'd have to go back up there and live a terrible life until I'm 18.

      Do you know where Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) is? Cuz that's where I lived for like 6-8 years of my life.

    • Heya, person.


      I saw that your profile says that you're Canadian. U h. I'm half Canadian. uwu

    • More wishlist items have arrived!

    • Thai tea, to me doesn't taste like popcorn. More like a sweet tea with spices. Oh, black tea huh, that's pretty strong stuff. That's good to know. The fruit kind with jelly sounds delicious, I'll have to find a place that has that. I love the kind of pearls that pop.

    • I've mostly had boba from a thai restaurant, it's milky with dark tapioca. They do lose their flavor but I still like it. I haven't had the jelly kind. I was thinking of trying watermelon but there's a thai tea flavor and it sounds good too. The first ever time I got boba was from a sushi restaurant and it seemed to have so much caffeine in it that I got very sick. Odd because I have no idea if caffeine is normally present.

    • I just had honeydew boba a few days ago, really good. But last night I gave Taro flavor a go, wouldn't get it again. Nutty and un-sweet.

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