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User ID: #122192
Username: requiesticat
Gender: Male
Last Online: 17 Nov 2019, 9:34 pm
Registered: 27 Oct 2018, 7:37 am

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An artist with too much time on his hands. Any pronouns, but he/him is preferred. Srs is my fursona

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Collective username - Same as here


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○Art of my fursona
○Buy something from my stall?

641-paintie-ticket.png 3553-fancy-plant-drink.png 708-shifty-morphing-potion.png 709-shifty-morphing-potion-recipe.png

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    • FallOut 3 is pretty great. I really wanna see more of the Enclave.

    • Thats nice to hear! So which fallout do you like the most?

    • Thank you! But if you mean my profile coding, most of the credit goes to user alxq (#9085)! They made the template, and I merely changed colors and images, along with a few minor edits~

    • It is no problem! Hope you have a great day!

    • that's awesome! Do you have a mermaid name?

    • aw thank you!! I do actually! The one in the picture is a Suntail skin and monofin! I also own a blue skin from suntails, and one from FinFun too! I used to own a finfolk Productions Teal Mythic tail, but I recently sold it because its too cold to swim often where i live :( Which finfun tail do you have? :D

    • Thank you so much! ^v^

    • YES THAT GEM (the beppi video)

    • Hello lovebug!! <3 <3

    • I'm so sorry! What was your wish?

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